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Create Financial Reports and Manage Cash Flow

Financial Statements

Handling what QuickBooks doesn't.

View the financial statement for dozens of companies side by side. How about trial balance activity by class? Or statement of cash flow by class - month by month - side by side? We have 52/53 and 13 x 4 reporting out of the box.

Budgets and Forecasts

Advanced tools for business planning.

We give you the ability to combine actuals, budget, AND forecast in the same report. We even include budget columns for statement of cash flows and trial balance activity

Ratios and KPI

Larger companies require advanced metrics.

Liquidity, Asset Turnover, Financial Leverage, Return on Capital, Benchmarking and more.

Audit Trail

An audit trail that is easy to read.

Most accounting applications provide rudimentary audit trail history and listings. We go ten steps further, by showing you the dollar difference between changes, and the number of changes, by user for each transaction. Even analyze by time of day to pinpoint special issues.

Enhanced General Ledger

Linked transactions without using the cumbersome drill down.

Our flagship product QQube arranges applied transactions in subsequent rows and contains advanced line descriptions that show which bill was paid, as well as the bill date. You will not find these features in ANY accounting application.

Cash Flow

Cash is king.

Analyzing historical sources and uses of cash is available, but for forecasting, we can provide tools for assessing ‘what if' scenarios.

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We offer analytic solutions
for the following areas of your business.


Assess the sources of your leads, gauge the metrics associated with each stage of the selling process, and determine your acquisition costs - the first pillar of business analytics.

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Identify your ideal customer, construct customer profiles, analyze buying patterns, cross-selling opportunities and churn rates, assess customer profitability, and more.

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Review your costs to produce and provide products and services, manage inventory, oversee manufacturing processes, and analyze job and project costs.

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Analyze overhead, create compliant financial reports, monitor budgets and forecasts, build accurate cash flow forecast models, audit user activity and sales tax receipts

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