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Manage the Cost and Development of Your Product and Services

Product and Service Profitability

Margins and Markup.

How much does it cost to produce a product, assembly or service? Cost accounting may be necessary to determine such costs. Are you charging enough for your products and services? What are your best selling or most profitable items? Are your price levels or discounts adversely affecting your overall profit margins?

Inventory Control

Proper inventory management improves cash flow.

Fill rates, days to ship, days out of stock, avg days on hand, turnover, carrying costs, rate of return, are important measures of inventory and sales health. We provide accurante inventory forecasting capabilities with simultaneous access to sales and consumption history, on hand, open so and po – quantities. BOM, Lot Numbers, Serial Numbers also included

Job Costing

Construction, engineering, legal and project management.

While certain job cost reporting functions are necessary for tax purposes, additional information for change orders, remaining committed costs, employee hours, revenues charged and received, WIP are necessary to have an up to date, complete picture.

Resource Management

More than payroll compliance.

We have complete payroll data for compliance reporting, but we also give you the ability to analyze project hours by job for overtime, or double time – or determine employee contribution to sales.

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We offer analytic solutions
for the following areas of your business.


Use our tools to examine the acquisition costs of new customers, including the metrics behind campaign effectiveness, and web and social analytics.

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Now you can look into your complex information with ease, covering customer profiles, buying patterns, profitability, churn rates, and selling expenses.

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Assess the profitability of your margins for products and services including inventory management, manufacturing, job costing, resource management and more.

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Analyze overhead, create compliant financial reports, monitor budgets and forecasts, build accurate cash flow forecast models, audit user activity and sales tax receipts

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