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Purchasing Profile

Vendor Purchases, Discounts Taken
Transaction Analysis
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Item Rate Analysis

Rates vs Quantity Purchased
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Accounts Payable

Payables By Job, Date
Payables Days vs Terms

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Bill of Materials

BOM Explosion by Assembly or by Item
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Inventory Overview

Retail Value, Profit Margin
Gross Margin Return on Investment
Inventory Turnover, Average Days to Sell

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Inventory Specific Item Analysis

Daily Valuation, Write-Offs, Fill Rate,
Days out of Stock, Average Days to Sell,
Profit Margin, Inventory Turnover

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Inventory Forecast Excel

Combine Qty on Hand with Pending Builds, Sales Order BOM,
Last and First Purchase Dates, Lots and Serial Numbers.
Various Sales Date Ranges, Days on Hand, Need to Order
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Inventory Forecast Power BI

Compare Daily Sales vs Daily Inventory Balance
Price, Current Avg Cost, Profit Margin, Retail Value
Need to Order based upon Reorder Status
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Inventory Margin Analysis

Compare Cost Average vs Selling Average
Excel PowerPivot KPI for Margin/Markup expectations

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Time Tracking

Employee Hours by Job by item
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Time Tracking Valuation

Hour Valuation by Price Level, Billing Rate, or Item Selling Price
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Job Bonding Reports

Typical Over/Under, Bonding Reports for Banks
Drill Down to Detail Level
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Job All Inclusive Reports

Drag and Drop Values representing various job facets,
without having to run 5 QB reports and tons of Repeating Cut and Paste
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Job Analyzer

View all Job Stats in one Place
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Active Job Metrics

Single View of all Current Jobs, or Jobs with Estimates, or Job Types, etc.
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Pint Point Layout Job Reports

Over 1750 fields available to layout anywhere on the canvas
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Payroll Overview

Quick Glance with drill down capability,
Wages, Employee Burden, Hours, Job Breakdown
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Payroll Register

Traditional Payroll Register and payroll liability reconciliation capabilities.
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Payroll Liabilities and Contributions

Quick View of Current State of Owed Liabilities,
Total Contributions an Deductions
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Pay Period Analysis

Manage Total Hours and Employee Hour Contribution
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Analyze Job Costs, Manage Inventory, Oversee Manufaturing Processes