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CLEARIFY® Receives New Trademark

CLEARIFY® Receives New Trademark

CLEARIFY® Receives New Trademark

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CLEARIFY, INC. a Texas Corporation at 1321 Upland Dr. #2135, Houston TX  77043 has been granted a name trademark under CLASS 9 REG NO. 4035743

The legal description under this class is:

Computer software to facilitate the creation and application of business analytics for the measurement of business activities and costs, for identifying, locating, and acquiring customers, for identifying and creating customer profiles, for identifying buying patterns and sales trends, for the development, selling and delivery of products and services, for developing purchasing methods, inventory management and control, for estimating job costing for construction, engineering, legal and project management, for human resource management, for monitoring cash flow, for recognition and analysis of internal and industry comparative trends, for planning and execution of business strategies, for assisting with compliance with state and federal regulatory agencies, and for financial reporting forecasting.

This registration is in addition to CLASSES 35 and 36, dated October, 2011


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