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CLEARIFY announces changes to Partnership Programs

CLEARIFY announces changes to Partnership Programs

CLEARIFY announces changes to Partnership Programs

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CLEARIFY® Announces Changes to Partner Programs


Houston, TX (October 1, 2012) – CLEARIFY expands its current Partner Program with new partnership opportunities for larger companies who provide adjunct services, training and conference opportunities for its QQube customers.

CLEARIFY founder Chuck Vigeant, M.Ed. says "There are a number of companies who provide vital services and opportunities for our clients that don't involve the direct setup and implementation of QQube, but who have not had a visible formal partnership arrangement that benefits them, as well as us."

Chuck continues, "Jennifer Katrulya's Business Management Resource Group, LLC is a perfect example.  Her firm provides advisory and mentoring services to CPA firms and small/mid-size business, but they tend to engage in training, not implementation."  "So we have created a designation of QQube Associate for these type of adjunct services organizations."

"The purpose of this designation is to give the organization tools for a higher level of learning, but without all of the details they might need for implementation and customer support."  'In exchange we will publicize and promote their services to our actual and potential audiences."  "This is a win-win situation for both organizations."

There will be five levels of partner participation:

  1. Affiliate program, a referral for commission that is available to any practitioner.
  2. Certification program, which consists of intensive training and testing without having to invest at the VAR level.
  3. Certified Trainer program, for certified QQube practitioners who advance to the next level of QQube competency, and are the official training arm of CLEARIFY®
  4. Solution Provider program, for businesses that want to invest in the technology, deep dive training, and access to advanced content for QQube implementation, training and support. Certification is required to attain this level.
  5. Associate program, for those firms who provide adjunct services and advanced training opportunities for existing and potential QQube clients.

You can request to become a partner.

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