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CLEARIFY announces new Partnership Programs

CLEARIFY announces new Partnership Programs

CLEARIFY announces new Partnership Programs

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CLEARIFY® Announces Changes to Partner Programs


Houston, TX (May 18, 2011) – CLEARIFY founder Chuck Vigeant announced three new partnership programs that will allow accounting professionals, business consultants, and accounting technology specialists to provision QQube technology according to their own business models.

Chuck says "We have cut out 90% of the problems associated with extracting data for custom reporting and business analysis - namely, having to deal with reverse engineering, and messing with tables and relationships." "but", he continues, "there is still a need to know the data availability, interpret the data results, and be extremely familiar with the strengths and shortcomings of QuickBooks. This is where the practitioners in the Intuit community come in. There is an infinite need for their expertise - regardless of the cloud technology implementations, and regardless of the promise of the 'paperless' office."

There are three levels of participation:

  1. Affiliate program, a referral for commission that is available to any practitioner.
  2. Certification program, which consists of intensive training and testing without having to invest at the VAR level.
  3. VAR program, for businesses that want to invest in the technology, deep dive training, and access to advanced content. Certification is required to attain this level.

(Those who pass Certifictaion or become accepted in the VAR program are automatically enrolled in the Affiliate Program.)

"We spent alot of time listening to the members of the Intuit professional community, and we soon realized that one size did not fit all", says Chuck, "so we devised multiple levels of participation to allow as many as people to partner with us." "Secondly, we know that providing these types of services produces income for the community while providing a viable service for small and mid-size businesses; QQube just makes it easier."

You can request to become a partner.

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