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CLEARIFY® Announces New Hosting Partnerships

CLEARIFY® Announces New Hosting Partnerships

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Change in QQube™ Preferred Hosting Providers

Effective March 19, 2018 two companies will become preferred hosting partners for our flagship product QQube™

QQube 6.x has taken a giant leap forward in the world of analytics for QuickBooks - and for small business. It was rebuilt from the ground up to efficiently create additional analytics, and it now comes with hundreds of new examples and analytics out of the box, especially those using Microsoft's Power BI. (See: https://clearify.com/blogs/default-category/3724/qqube-6-unparalleled-out-of-the-box-analysis-and-visualization)

Because Intuit does not give developers direct access to the QuickBooks database, the data extraction process can be somewhat taxing on the CPU, and can present certain technical challenges in shared hosting environments.  Shared hosting environments lock down their desktops, with little or no administrative capability, and they have to test every application thoroughly before making it available for their customers.  Everything is tightly controlled.

Right Networks Will No Longer Host QQube

Effective July 1, 2018 Right Networks will no longer Host QQube for a variety of technical reasons.  Right Networks is unable to host multiple versions of QQube (e.g. 5.7 and 5.76 and 6.x) because of their shared hosting architecture, and they are not able to commit to hosting the new free Power BI visualization tool from Microsoft, as part of the Office 2016/365 subscription.

Additionally, our existing customers have never had the ability to perform certain admin tasks within the QQube Configuration Tool, and were not allowed to schedule a synch - which is really crucial for multiple company users, who represent about 40% of all CLEARIFY customers.

Lastly, QQube uses a semi-subscription model which means that not all customers are entitled to the same upgrade within the same time frame, and our new version 6.x has generated remarkable excitement due to new analytics, new examples out of the box, and in particular, integration with Power BI, that is unparalleled in the Intuit Community. 

Bottom line, customers who upgrade would not be able to take advantage of the Power BI technology - or any of the changes, additions, and improvements we presented in 6.x

Right Networks will be moving all application hosting to new servers this spring and early summer - and thus the July 1, 2018 deadline.

To the credit of Right Networks, they have created admirable service to our customers, and their engineers have been wonderful to work with. We are thankful for that. It is within that light, that we chose who we wanted to recommend to outgoing Right Network customers - and new customers.

We thank them for their service.

QQube™ Preferred Hosting Provider - Insynq

Located in Washington State, Insynq (www.insynq.com) is certified by Intuit for QuickBooks desktop hosting and excels in a variety of desktop hosting solutions..  They are a long time QQube hosting provider, and have stepped up to the plate in terms of aggressively supporting our product, and taking care of our customers.

There are no limitations in term of handling necessary administrative tasks within QQube, which means you can schedule unattended synchs. PowerBI is also no problem and welcomed.

QQube™ Preferred Hosting Provider - Skyline

Located in New Jersey, Skyline Cloud Services (www.skylinecloudservices.com)  is also Intuit certified.  They provide both QuickBooks Public Cloud Hosting and Private Cloud Solutions where QQube can operate more easily with the QQube Multi-User version, and Multi-Company Add-Ons. 

Although Skyline is a late bloomer to QQube they have aggressively pursued our business and have proved their customer service mettle with previous QQube customers. We welcome them to the fold.

QQube™ Preferred Hosting Provider - Cloud 9

Recently purchased by AbacusNext, the largest Technology-as-a-Service provider for the professional services industry, Cloud 9 (www.cloudninerealtime.com)has been a long time hosting provider of QQube since the early days of our product.

The acquisition brings newer technologies to their fold to make the process more efficient, and more in the end-user control. 

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