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Community is announced to the general public | CLEARIFY

Community is announced to the general public

Community is announced to the general public

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CLEARIFY® announces its new Community to the general public

Wikis, Articles, Blogs, Videos, Interaction on display


Houston, TX (March 22, 2012)CLEARIFY unveils its new community to the general public as a central place to get help, ask questions, get answers, and interact with QQube Users and Solution Providers.

QQube is a data extraction technology that drastically reduces the time it takes to create or reports or data analysis. Drag and drop information directly into applications like Microsoft® Excel, SAP® Crystal Reports, or Microsoft® Access; use as a plug-in for Microsoft® Reporting Services, Power Pivot Tables, SQL Server, Share Point, Open Office, or BI productivity tools like SAP® Crystal Interactive Analysis and SAP® Crystal Dashboard Design.

“It was important to find the right technology to accommodate the traditional methods of self-support like forums and discussions, while including the current methods that allow for interaction, contributed content, and ‘FaceBook’ like functionality” says Chuck Vigeant, M.Ed.  “Early on, we tested several implementations that didn’t work, but through feedback from our partner network, we eventually got it right.”

“We have started with over 300 Wikis, Articles and Blogs, files – on topics that not only include QQube centric information, but which show users how to create pivot tables, crystal reports – and even understand how QuickBooks data works.”

“Our immediate goal is to add more video clips, dashboard examples and blogs on how to approach and write certain types of reports or analysis. Longer term is to add more topics such as how to use Power Pivot Tables, Access, SharePoint, and a range of SAP Crystal Reporting and Dashboard Tools.” 

“One of the problems I have had with e-mail is that it is not easily visible to others, and in our case, we find that we are repeating some of the same answers over and over again. I am not advocating that ‘everything is open’; what I am saying is that there are appropriate times to share and be interactive – because it is efficient, and allows the ideas of many to become a collective information tool.  One thing is for sure: we don’t have all of the answers.”

The community allows you to browse content, find and add friends, participate in discussions – with each other - using html tools to include pictures and video content, and contribute examples and files that may help the community at large. There is even a live IM service – talk in real time! 

The community is also home to the CLEARIFY Affiliate and Service Provider Partners where you can get advanced answers, or even hook up with to get and/or provide solutions.  Some QQube Service Providers have specialties in inventory, others, say in financial reporting for multiple companies, or construction reporting.

“What I appreciate most about the community, is the clean layout, and how easy it is for people to navigate, and find answers. We add something every day; our members contribute something every day.”

“This is very exciting to us”.

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