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QQube Version 4.1 Release Details

QQube Version 4.1 Release Details

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QQube - Release 4.1

This is a progressive release which drastically improves speed while introducing several new features:

New Features

Fill Rate, a common supply chain metric that measures the shipping performance as a percentage of the total Sales Order.  QQube has added a field in the Sales Subject called  'Initial Invoiced Quantity" which shows the initial quantity shipped from the list of linked sales transactions.  For many businesses, this is a critical statistic.

'In my case, I don't get a second chance to ship.  If I don't ship, it is lost revenue, not to mention a black eye for me in the eyes of my trading partners" Paul Spack, Controller  Castro Cheese Company, Inc.

QQube Excel Fill Rate Example


Serial Number Fullfilment. Ever wish you could look at an Open Sales Order report and see what Serial Numbers or lots have not been - or have been - fulfilled?    QQube now gives you the ability to view this information from the Open Sales Order Subject:  (Also available in the Sales Subject)

QQube Open Sales Orders with Lot/Serial Numbers


Site available for Open Sales Orders. Added Site information to the Open Sales Order Subject.



There are approximately two dozen improvements, bug fixes, and enhancements in this version.  Among the highlights:

  • Refresh speed improvements
  • Improved data extraction algorithms for build assemblies, open purchase orders, and bank transfers
  • Job costs in the Job Cost Subject now account for items posted to balance sheet accounts
  • Fixed bug regarding item receipts and converted bills
  • Fixed Document PO Number missing in Job Cost Subject
  • A/R and A/P: fixed bug where payments applied to bills dated after the payment were showing incorrectly
  • Improved loading algorithms for Enterprise Data
  • You can now open the Synchronizer Log while the synch is in progress
  • Log now contains enhanced information to troublesheet speed issues.

The QQube architecture has been modified so that data refresh times are improved by up to 80% in larger files. 

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Currently all updates need to be applied in full e.g. a full install
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