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QQube 5.7 (Build 353)

QQube 5.7 (Build 353)

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Release Details - September 19, 2015


This is a full install and will upgrade versions 4.1 thru 5.x in place.  Those with versions before Version 4.1 will need to un-install that previous version before installing 5.6x


Current users of QQube who are still within the yearly subscription period can download the upgrade directly from the QQube Configuration Tool under Help>About>Updates.  New users need to request the link for a trial download. Installation instructions will be found here.

New Features

  • QuickBooks 2016. Support for this version is included in this release and necessary for QQube to work with 2016, as Intuit has exposed new information and structural changes.
  • QuickBooks Canada 2015 R7 and QuickBooks USA 2015 R8.  Support for this version is included in this release and necessary for QQube to work with these releases  Developer features and database structural changes that were made available in the US version of QuickBooks 2016 were implemented in the Canada version of QuickBooks 2015 beginning with Release 7 and in the US version of QuickBooks 2015 beginning with Release 8.
  • New fields recently exposed by Intuit to developers.  These features were first available in  QuickBooks in 2014, but not available to developers until US QuickBooks 2016,  Canada QuickBooks 2015, Release 7 and USA QuickBooks 2015, Release 8.  To be clear,  you won't see these fields if you have earlier versions of QuickBooks - even if you install this version.
    • New Employee Fields.  Supervisor, Department, Description, Target Bonus, Emergency Contact Information, Part Or Full-Time, Exempt, Key Employee, Original Hire Date, Adjusted Service Date, US Citizen, Ethnicity, Disabled, Disability Desc, I-9 On File, I-9 Work Auth Expire Date, US Veteran, Military Status
    • Notes Lookup.  Added new Notes format to Customers, Employees, Vendors
    • Contact List Lookup. Added for Customers and Vendors
    • Sales Rep for Expense and Item Lines. Added Sales Rep Information for line detail from bills, checks, credit card charge, credit card credit, and vendor credit.
    • Custom Fields for Expense and Item Lines. Added Custom Fields for line detail from bills, checks, credit card charge, credit card credit, and vendor credit.
    • Addresses on Bills.  Bill City, State, Zip and Country added
  • New Sales Rep Dimensions.  Added this capability to the following subjects: Accounts Payable, Open Purchase Orders, Job Cost and Purchasing.

Bug Fixes

  • Fully Paid Date for zero dollar bills and invoices.  The correct date now shows in the Job Cost and Purchasing Subjects.

Earlier release information can be found here

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