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QQube Version 5.5 Release Details

QQube Version 5.5 Release Details

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QQube Version 5.5

This is a full install and will upgrade versions 4 thru 5.1 in place.  Those with versions before Version 4 will need to uninstall that previous version before installing 5.5


Current users of QQube will be sent notices and upgrade options.  New users need to register to download to request the link for a trial download.  Installation instructions will be found here.

New Features

  • Trial Balance by Class - Long awaited feature which shows Ending and Beginning Balances, period activity and budget
  • Cash Flow Activity by Class - Statement of Cash Flows by month, by class
  • Multi-Currency - Exchange Rate Detail, and Currency Dimension available for each subject
  • Support for CA and UK QuickBooks CA and UK 2013 versions and above are supported, including all available sakes tax rekated fields e.g. PST, GST for Canada, and VAT for UK.
  • Additional UofM Fields for QuickBooks Enterprise Users - Users can now show both the quantity based upon the base UofM - OR - show the printed quantity and UofM for each line detail of a particular transaction.  Added UofM dimension for the following subjects:  Sales, Purchases, Job Cost, Inventory, OpenSO, OpenPO, Requires Enterprise 11 and above.
  • Speed Improvements to Balance Sheet by Class - For users with hundreds of classes, the load time is up to 90% faster in this version.
  • Fiscal Year Support for Job Costing - Users can analyze job costs based upon non-calendar fiscal years.
  • Job Costing WIP - Price Level or Billing Rate Calculations added to Job Costing for those wanting job cost valuation, and comparisons to actual billing.
  • Purchasing Discounts - Suggested and Actual disccount amounts now available in the following subjects: Cash Requirements, A/P, Inventory, Job Cost, Purchasing  
  • Additiona Lists - All lists are now available.
  • Simpler Company Setup Subject.  New company setup subject loads all lists, custom fields, preferences, Price Level by Customer, Billing Rate by Entity.  Price Levels, and Billing Rates were previously listed as separate subjects. 
  • BOM Subject Changes - BOM is now a separate subject underneath inventory.
  • Inventory Transfer Amounts - due to limitations in the Intuit SDK, Inventory Transfer Amounts were previously not available.  They are now available for Enterprise Users.
  • OLAP Cube Support for SQL Server Analytic Services - Customers can either create their own multi-dimensional cubes, or purchase the pre-built SQL Server cubes. SQL Server Analytic Services for 2008 and above are required.
  • Tableau Support - Users can create their own shells, or purchase the pre-built templates for Tableau 8.0 and later.
  • Over 100 Fields Added - The additional functionality means more information options to report on or analyze.

Excel Add-In Improvements

  • Financial Statement Auto-Format - One button formatting for Profit and Loss, and Balance Sheet Financial Statements.
  • PowerPivot - One button formatting for Financial Statements - including PandL from G/L detail - now available.
  • Financial Summary Periods now have Labels - Using the Excel Add-In will now show proper year and month for each period.  What previously showed as Period 01, now shows as Jan 2013.
  • More Examples - New reports, and additional measures for PowerPivot examples now included.
  • Better Formatting -  9pt font for crisper readability for first time users.

Technical Issues and Fixes

  • Corrupted QB Files and 'out of control logs'. If a QuickBooks file gets corrupted, it would add unnecessary lines to the log.  Those will be truncated now, as the only need is to know that the file is corrupted and where it became corrupted..
  • Terminal Services/Remote Desktop - Improved installation and registry corrections
  • Quantity Errors if Serial Number/Lot Number warnings turned off - Fixed an issue where if the warnings were turned off you could enter less serial numbers than the total line quantity - resulting in incorrect report quantities.
  • Synchronizer Shutdown Issue.  Primarily XP users were experiencing an abnormal Synchronizer Shutdown Issue.
  • Open A/R - fixed issue where sales tax items as line items in invoices and credit memos were not showing.
  • Job Costing - fixed issue where Markup Amount was not calculated when markup % was used.
  • Time Tracking - fixed issue where price level rate was incorrect.
  • Invoices (All subjects) - fixed issue where quantity wsa null, percenetage > 0 and total line amount > 0 would show null quantity instead of 1 (as QuickBooks does).
  • Internal Configuration Changes - Changes to create better handling of initial loads and logic.

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