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QQube 6.1 (Build 399)

QQube 6.1 (Build 399)

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Release Details - November 7, 2017


This will be a full install, and will upgrade versions 4.1 and later in place.  Those with QQube Version previous to 4.1 will need to un-install that previous version before installing 6.1.

Current users of QQube who are still within the yearly subscription period will be notified of download and upgrade procedures for this free upgrade. Users outside of the yearly subscription period will be able to renew their subscription here

New users need to request the link for a trial download.


QQube 6.1 is not a newer version that is simply "more and better". It is essentially a re-write of the underpinnings using newer technology, and modern architectures not previously available to us. 

We can't control how Intuit exposes their data using the Software Development Kit (SDK), but there are many other aspects we can control to enable a better customer experience and produce a more efficient application.

QQube now contains over 45 independent Analytic areas, ranging from Open Sales Orders to 52/53 Tax Year Financial Summaries with 6,000 + fields of information, and over 250 additional pre-calculated measures used in examples for Excel PowerPivot, and Microsoft Power BI.


  • Drastic improvements in the data extraction process and refresh times
  • 50 new Financial Analytic shortcut fields e.g. current month, previous year, etc.
  • Improved Profit and Loss Detail and reworked Statement of Cash Flow (by Class)
  • 5 new Enterprise only Financial Summary Analytics
  • Over 100 new fields, measures, and DIMENSIONS
  • Assorted Bug Fixes
  • Excel Add-In usability improvements and additional refresh options
  • 60 new and complete Microsoft Power BI analytic examples and case studies
  • Over 150 new calculations added to PowerPivot and Power BI examples
  • Usability and structural improvements
  • Improved documentation
  • New Configuration Tool Synch Options

Changes to Requirements

  • Initial installer is for 64 bit machines only.  32 bit will be made available at a later date.
  • Minimum Excel support is 2013 (including 2016 and Office 365)

Financial Summary Analytic Amount and % Shortcuts



  • Current Month
  • Current Quarter
  • Current Year
  • Current Year-To-Last Month
  • Current YTD
  • Last Month
  • Last Quarter
  • Quarters 1,2,3,4
  • Year (Ending)


  • Previous Year Month
  • Previous Year Quarter
  • Previous Year
  • Previous Year-To-Last Month
  • Previous YTD
  • Previous Year Last Month
  • Previous Year Last Quarter


  • Current Month
  • Current Quarter
  • Current Year
  • Last Month
  • Last Quarter
  • Quarters 1,2,3,4
  • Year (Ending)


  • Previous Year Month
  • Previous Year Quarter
  • Previous Year
  • Previous Year Last Month
  • Previous Year Last Quarter


  • Current Beginning 
  • Current Activity
  • Current Ending 
  • Last Period Beginning
  • Last Period Activity
  • Last Period Ending


  • Previous Year Beginning
  • Previous Year Activity
  • Previous Year Ending


  • Current Period
  • Current Year Period
  • Current Year-To-Last Period
  • Current YTD
  • Last Period
  • Year (Ending)


  • Previous Year Period
  • Previous Year
  • Previous Year-To-Last Period
  • Previous YTD
  • Previous Year Last Period


Financial Analytic Improvements and Additions

Reworked Statement of Cash Flows

New and Improved Financial Analytics

New Enterprise only Financial Summary Analytics

Additions to General Ledger Detail

  • New Credit and Debit Amount Fields for both Budget and Forecast

New Fields and Dimensions

  • All (Company Dimension)
  • QQube Last Synch
  • QQube Last Synch Status
  • Line Sequence Number
  • Line Sequence Number
  • Line Lot/Serial Number
  • Special field for QB COGS Calculation
  • Inventory Site DIMENSION
  • Bin/Location DIMENSION
  • Source Name DIMENSION
  • Line Sequence Number
  • Source Name DIMENSION
  • Line Rate Printed (for multi-currency)
  • Line Quantity Printed (for multi-currency)
  • Source Name DIMENSION
  • Line Rate Printed (for multi-currency)
  • Line Quantity Printed (for multi-currency)
  • Source Name DIMENSION
  • Source Name DIMENSION
  • Add Item Class to Main Assembly, Sub Assembly, and Component Items
  • Duration Quantity Billed 
  • Duration Quantity Unbilled 
  • Billing Value - Billing Rate Based Billed
  • Billing Value - Billing Rate Based Unbilled
  • Billing Value - Price Level Rate Based Billed
  • Billing Value - Price Level Rate Based Unbilled
  • Billing Value - Item Sales Price Rate Based Billed
  • Billing Value - Item Sales Price Rate Based Unbilled
  • Actual Miles Billed
  • Actual Miles Unbilled
  • Standard Mileage Total Amount Billed
  • Standard Mileage Total Amount Unbilled
  • Line Job Cost Quantity Billed
  • Line Job Cost Quantity Unbilled
  • Line Job Cost Amount Billed
  • Line Job Cost Amount Unbilled
  • Line Job Cost Paid Amount Billed
  • Line Job Cost Paid Amount Unbilled
  • Line Job Cost Materials Amount Billed
  • Line Job Cost Materials Amount Unbilled
  • Line Job Cost Labor Amount Billed
  • Line Job Cost Labor Amount Unbilled
  • Line Job Cost Other Amount Billed
  • Line Job Cost Other Amount Unbilled
  • Line Rate for Theoretical Billing - Item Sales Price Based
  • Line Rate for Theoretical Billing - Price Level Based
  • Line Rate for Theoretical Service Billing - Billing Rate Based
  • Line Income Theoretical Billing - Item Sales Price Based
  • Line Income Theoretical Billing - Price Level Based
  • Line Income Theoretical Service Billing - Billing Rate Based


Bug Fixes

52/53 Calendar

  • Fix 5-4-4 Weekly Date Configuration 

Audit Trail

  • Fix issue with incorrect summary account
  • Fix case where item would have been voided, and then opened, and then voided again.
  • Fix line algorithm to correct duplicate line id errors in Excel PowerPivot and PowerBi.

Bank Transfers

  • Fix issue with bank transfers and multiple companies where the correct amounts showed on the initial synch, but not on subsequent synchs

Billing Rate

  • Fix issue where Billing Rate by item contains more than 3 figures... e.g. with comma, and wouldn't convert to number

Build Assemblies

  • Fix issue where transaction item description was not showing.

Financial Summary Reports

  • Fix rare issue where, when using account numbers, and the Parent Account was similar - but with one character LESS than - the Child Account, Financial Summary and Financial Summary Reports by Class would not appear correctly, or disappear altogether.

Fixed Assets

  • Fix null values not properly formatted as 0.00

General Ledger Detail

  • Fix line algorithms to correct line id errors in Excel PowerPivot and Power BI, for the following transactions: Payroll, Payroll Adjustment, Payroll YTD Adjustment, Payroll Liability Liability Check, and Inventory Assembly.
  • Fix Current Open Balances on certain transactions in the General Ledger Analytic.


  • Fix issue with Payroll Liability Check, where Incorrect ClassID would cause right truncation error.
  • Changed length of Employee Disability Field from 25 to 40 characters per Intuit specs.

Profit and Loss by Job (Enterprise Only)

  • Fix issue where if a budget was missing for a whole year (within the 3 year period setup in the QQube Configuration Tool), the actuals would not show.


  • Fix occurrence on sales transactions to show quantity as 0 where quantity was null, but amount and percentage where greater than 0.  This now matches QuickBooks Reporting.

Sales Tax

  • Fix incorrect Group Sales Tax Item Rate in Sales Tax Item DIMENSION
  • Fix issue In Sales Tax Analytic, where using an item that was default taxable - and used in a Statement Charge - would not show as accrued taxable sales, as in QB reports.
  • Fix case where Sales Tax may get turned off, after having been used, and using the field from Item Sales Tax Code would cause information not to show.
  • Fix Long Standing Sales Tax Analytic Issue: "Subquery cannot return more than one row sp_CREATE_SUBJECT_SALESTAX", refresh materialized view "mvf_STAXInvoice".

Presentation Clean-Up in Excel PowerPivot

  • If the name of the main folder/table/tab was changed in PowerPivot, then the Presentation Clean-Up for Financial Summary Subjects was not available.  This has been fixed - including Profit and Loss Detail.

Excel Add-In

QQube Version 6.1 Excel Add-In Improvements

Synchronizer Status

  • Available directly on the Add-In
  • Checks for status every 60 seconds

New Refresh Options

  1. Prompt to Refresh when the Spreadsheet is opened (how the previous versions of QQube have always worked).
  2. Auto Refresh the Spreadsheet with data, with no prompt or warning.
  3. NO Refresh when the spreadsheet is opened.  You can manually refresh at anytime - or not.

NOTE: Each refresh option is applicable ONLY to the currently open spreadsheet

Power BI Examples and Case Studies

We are proud to include a library of over 60 Power BI analytics with QQube - the first of its kind.

QQube 6.1 - Power BI Examples


More Calculated Fields (Measures) in the PowerPivot Examples

Additional Sales CalculationsInventory Calculations

Usability and Structural Improvements

FACT Table

The main folder (FACT table) for each subject used to contain all transactional information, whether it was something you measured (e.g. amount or qty), or something you measured BY e.g. Document Ship Method, or Line Billable Status.

QQube 6.1 corrects this, by separating measures, from document attributes, line attributes, and geography.

QQube 6.1 Usability Improvements

IMPORTANT NOTE: These structural changes may require manual intervention after the upgrade for those customers who did not use the Excel Add-In for report creation and/or implementation.  These structural changes were necessary for the future of the product, and will be explained in detail in an upcoming Knowledge Base Article before the public release.

Single Date Options

Like all traditional warehouses, QQube provides a true Calendar Dimension for the various dates that exist in QuickBooks transactions, e.g. Transaction Date, Ship Date, Expected Date, etc.  Excel and Tableau provide their own date dimension extensions e.g. Year, Quarter, Month, Day; so we have provided single date fields to accommodate those applications, and simplify the field options.

QQube 6.1 Single Date Options

Fields that remove clutter from the canvas:

Here are a few DIMENSION folders which may have only one or two fields, - fields that are rarely used - but clutter up the canvas.  So to simplify, we have added those single fields into the Document Attributes Folder:  

  • Currency Code
  • Customer/Vendor is Taxable
  • Customer Message
  • Customer/Vendor Terms
  • Ship Method
  • Template Name

Improved Documentation

  • Complete page layouts for each analytic, including purpose and usage, attributes and fields
  • Notes on fields that may not be overtly apparent as to their meaning or intended use.
  • Clearer delineation of available data models

Documentation of Available Analytics

Configuration Tool Synch Options

Auto reload of all data when an abnormal interruption or manual abort has occurred.  It is a requirement for data accuracy, so it has been automated.

Data Truncation information. There are times where a field in QB has more characters stuffed into it, than is recognized by the Intuit SDK.  We see this where customers use older IIF import tools, and strict field sizes are not followed, OR a user has put more than phone and extension in a phone field.  Previously it would just error out, with no indication as to what record or field was at issue.  We now log this information so that it can be easily read for correction. 

Option to auto clear the data, before reloading from scratch.  This is a huge help for clients with multi-company QB files, and there is a higher instance of merging accounts, customers, items, etc. - all of which require a complete reload.

Clear all data on synch start option in the QQube Configuration Tool


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