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QQube for QuickBooks Version 6.2 (Build 423) | CLEARIFY

QQube 6.2 (Build 423)

QQube 6.2 (Build 423)

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Release Details - January 16, 2018


This will be a full install, and will upgrade versions 4.1 and later in place.  It is not necessary to manually uninstall the previous versions, as the installer will clean up appropriately.

Current users of QQube who are still within the yearly subscription period will be notified of download and upgrade procedures for this free upgrade. Users outside of the yearly subscription period will be able to renew their subscription here

New users need to request the link for a trial download.


QQube 6.2 fixes all bugs reported from version 6.1 and adds long awaited improvements to complete native home currency reporting in almost all of the QQube Analytics for multi-currency QuickBooks files.

The Excel Add-In in this version now allows existing customers with 5.7x versions or earlier to automatically upgrade their existing reports that were built with the old Excel Add-In.   

Additionally we have introduced a long requested financial summary analytic, which we call "freestyle", and overcomes the limitations of our current 3 year period centric financial summaries, that have served our clients since day one. More information here.

We continue to push the envelope for QuickBooks Desktop Analytics - unmatched by any vendor, including Intuit themselves.

New Features

Profit and Loss Summary Freestyle

  • Allows for 10 years of financial information
  • Aggregated down to the day date level - including budget and forecast amounts.
  • Use Fiscal Year and 52/53 Calendar DIMENSIONS to slice and dice data

Help for Customers with dozens of QuickBooks files

  • Company Names are now alphabetized in the company DIMENSION to make it easier to filter and aggregate.

Open Purchase Order Analytic

  • Add Line Sequence Number to mirror Open SO analytic

Audit Trail Analytic

  • Added Source Name DIMENSION to combine entities for easier reporting


  • Accounts Receivable Analytic: Added three fields
    • "OpenAR Line Original Amount (Foreign)"
    • "OpenAR Line Applied To A/R Amount (Foreign)"
    • "OpenAR Line Open A/R Amount (Foreign)"
  • Accounts Payable Analytic: Added three fields
    • "OpenAP Line Original Amount (Foreign)"
    • "OpenAP Line Applied To A/P Amount (Foreign)"
    • "OpenAP Line Open A/P Amount (Foreign)"
  • Sales Analytic: Added three fields
    • "SalesTxn Line Sales Amount (Foreign)"
    • "SalesTxn Line COGS Amount (Foreign)"
    • "SalesTxn Line Sales Profit Margin Amount (Foreign)"
  • Purchasing Analytic: Added three fields
    • "PurchaseTxn Line Purchasing Amount (Foreign)"
    • "PurchaseTxn Line Calculated COGS Amount (Foreign)"
  • A/R and A/P now have correct home currency, with foreign currency options
  • Cash Requirements now have correct home currency.  (Intuit SDK does not make Bank Balances available for Foreign Balance)
  • The following analytics are also now natively in home currency:
    • Sales
    • Purchasing
    • inventory

QQube Components

  • Upgrade to Sybase 17.08.4103

Bug Fixes


  • Fix GST/PST not showing on General Ledger Detail for: a/p side transactions
  • Fix incorrect home and foreign amounts in General Ledger Detail for a/p side transactions
  • Fix incorrect/missing AR Credit Card Refund home and foreign amounts for Enterprise.  Due to limitations in Intuit SDK, AR Credit Card Refund is NOT available in Multi-Currency Pro and Premiere versions of QuickBooks.

General Ledger Detail

  • Fix "mvdf_LINE_BANK_TRANSFER_SDK_LINE would not be unique" issue caused by VOID or 0.00 Bank Transfer Transactions
  • Fix "mvdf_LINE_PAYMENT_AR_SDK' would not be unique" issue caused my over payments and unused credit on same receive payment.
  • Fix incorrect amounts caused by over payments in Bill Payment Checks, Bill Payment Credit Cards, Receive Payments.

Enterprise Only Summary Financials

  • Fix incorrect amounts in cases where Fiscal year was different than Calendar Year
  • Fix incorrect total Fiscal Year Amounts

Enterprise Only Profit and Loss by Job Summary (and by Class)

  • Reduce speed of refreshing reviews for these two analytics by 75%

Accounts Payable

  • Fix "SplitAccountID not found" issue
  • Fix accuracy issue


  • Fix Check Number not showing on Deposit Detail

Sales Orders

  • Fix issue for "LineID for Sales Orders are not unique" as a result of querying for initial invoiced amount when sales order has the item repeated.

Sales Analytic

  • Fix Discount Amounts not showing in Sales Analytic


Excel Add-In

Refresh Problem

  • Fix issue where opening up a spreadsheet would not prompt to automatically refresh, unless you either clicked forward on another sheet first, or already had Excel open.

QQube Configuration Tool

  • Extract Profit and Loss by Class. Changed P and L by class to load 50 class at a time instead of 100 to prevent out of memory errors.
  • Database Path.  Fix issue where empty database path would throw a "path is not of a legal form" error, when placing the cursor in the empty box.
  • Manual Refresh.  Fix issue where choosing the "Run All" option would throw an Object Reference Error.

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