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QQube 6.3 (Build 431)

QQube 6.3 (Build 431)

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Release Details - February 13, 2018


This will be a full install, and will upgrade versions 4.1 and later in place.  It is not necessary to manually uninstall the previous versions, as the installer will clean up appropriately.

Current users of QQube who are still within the yearly subscription period will be notified of download and upgrade procedures for this free upgrade. Users outside of the yearly subscription period will be able to renew their subscription here

New users need to request the link for a trial download.


QQube 6.3 fixes all bugs reported from version 6.2 and completes the improvements to native home currency - and foreign amounts and rates - reporting which now includes non-posting transactions: estimates, sales orders, purchasing.  Inventory contains transaction line rates, and daily budgets and forecasts have now been added to the Profit and Loss Freestyle (and by Class) analytics for unparalleled week to date, month to date, quarter to date, and year to date financial reporting - right out of the box.

We continue to push the envelope for QuickBooks Desktop Analytics - unmatched by any vendor, including Intuit themselves.

New Features

Inventory Analytic

  • Line Class has is now available in Inventory Adjustments for Enterprise Users
  • Added Line Rate Calculation to Build and Pending Assemblies, Inventory Adjustments, and Inventory Transfers

Financial Analytic

  • Added Profit and Loss Freestyle by Class.  10 year financial summary aggregated by day
  • Added daily budget - and forecast - figures to Profit and Loss Freestyle and Profit and Loss Freestyle by Class
  • Added Line Payment Date field to G/.L subject for better reporting on Deposit Detail

Job Costing Analytic

  • New field called Job Cost Amount - No Billable Status, which covers items that don't have a billable status, yet show up in the un-billed costs report in QB (this happens with Journal Entries, and "First Line" name entries.
  • New Estimate fields:
    • Line Estimate Income Amount (Foreign)
    • Line Estimate Cost Amount (Foreign) 
  • New Line Rate (Foreign)

Sales Analytic

  • New Estimate fields:
    • Line Estimate Income Amount (Foreign)
    • Line Estimate Cost Amount (Foreign) 
  • New Sales Order fields (also in Open Sales Order Analytic)
    • Original Amount (Foreign)
    • Invoiced Amount (Foreign)
    • Open Amount (Foreign)
  • New Line Rate (Foreign)

Purchasing and Open Purchase Order Analytics

  • New Purchase Order fields
    • Original Amount (Foreign)
    • Received Amount (Foreign)
    • Open Amount (Foreign)
  • New Line Rate (Foreign)

QQube Configuration Tool and Excel

  • Split Financial Analytics (under Available Analytics) into three pieces: summary, detail, and enterprise only to make it more easier to understand, and easier to navigate and find reports once in the Excel Add-In.

New QQube Financial Analytics Layout

Bug Fixes


  • Fix error in log - "Right Truncation LINE_PAYROLL_ADJUST_P_SDK".  Result of incorrect Class link.
  • Fix multiple issues where Pro/Premiere Payroll Transactions incorrect
  • Correct Exchange Rate to show as "1" rather than "0"

Enterprise Only Financial Summaries

  • Fixed issue where internal cross join was returning erratic results after upgrading Sybase Vendor Database engine.
  • Fixed incorrect forecast amounts in Profit and Loss by Class Actuals/Budget/Forecast Summary
  • Running only Enterprise Financial Summaries (without checking other analytics) would return no data

G/L Detail

  • Fix error in log - "mvdf_LINE_BILLPAYCHECK_SDK_LINE would not be unique"
  • Restore usability of Master Linking functionality for Invoices and associated linked transactions, Bills and associated linked transactions, and improve for Deposit details..

Financial Summaries

  • Fix new 6.x financial column shortcuts - for "year", where amounts were one year off.

Job Costing Analytic

  • Fix Issue with Estimates where Estimated Costs would not show if Price column was null (empty).  This worked in previous versions of QQube.
  • Fix issue with certain transactions not showing in job costs.
  • Fix incorrect job cost amounts
  • Fix job cost actual income to split out unapplied and overapplied amounts from actual income to match earlier versions of QQube.
  • Fix issue that occurred after upgrading Sybase Vendor Database engine where Line Customer:Job was missing, thereby affecting costs for that Customer:Job
  • Fix issue where Vendor name was not showing for Bills for US Currency, as the result of an internal filter logic error.

Purchasing Analytic

  • Fix issue where purchasing analytic was chosen and get the error mvdf_LINE_JOURNALENTRY_SDK' would not be unique. (Journal Entries are not part of the purchasing analytic)
  • Fix issue where purchase amounts would be incorrect due to faulty filter to not account for COGS entries at the line level.

Inventory Analytic

  • Fix divide by zero error for built and pending assemblies summary portion.

Sales Analytic

  • Fix issues with incorrect Line Rates


  • Fix incorrect Paid/Open Bill Line Amounts.  Affected G/L Detail, Job Costing, and Purchasing Subjects
  • Fix issue where mvdf_LINE_BILL_SDK (or ITEM_RECEIPT) would not be unique due to COGS entries at the line level
  • Fix divide by zero error on A;/P side transactions where the total transaction was 0.00

QQube Configuration Tool

  • Fix issue where company name would start with small letter "n" and not be properly imported with the correct name and path - and not be able to import any data
  • Fix issue where if the Examples grid was blank, you would get a "Form Error" when clicking on any empty cell.


Inventory Line Rates

Line Rates were missing for certain transactions in previous versions of QQube.  So not only did we add those, ALL line rates are now in Cost (e.g. if it is a Sales Transaction, it is now rate for COGS, not Sales).  We will add separate sales and cost rates in the next release.

Inventory - Assemblies.  Used in G/L Detail, PandL Detail, Inventory analytics

  • Due to severe limitations in the Intuit SDK (and even custom reporting feature in Enterprise) there were potential problems in the original method we used to display this information.  It has been reworked but with certain caveats, to ensure that quantities and G/L Amounts are always correct.

Here is the new scenario with respect to Build Assemblies:

  • Enterprise will have all details, including class, UofM, Site, and Bin Location, $ and Qty, and serial #/lot # - should match 99.99% of the time.
  • Pro/Premier will not have line class, uofm (and of course no site and bin location) dollars and qty should be ok.
  • For both Enterprise and Pro/Premier - there will be limitations on available information for Pending Assemblies. e.g. no accounts, line class, uofm,.  But the important parts will be there e.g. qty, site id, bin location for the inventory analytic. 

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