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QQube Version 5.66 Release Details | CLEARIFY

QQube Version 5.66 Release Details

QQube Version 5.66 Release Details

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QQube Version 5.66

This is a full install and will upgrade versions 4.1 thru 5.x in place.  Those with versions before Version 4.1 will need to uninstall that previous version before installing 5.6



Current users of QQube will be sent notices and upgrade options.  New users need to request the link for a trial download. Installation instructions will be found here.


New Features

  • Right Networks Enhancements.  We have added several technical changes for easier support on Right Networks installations.
  • Upgrade keeps data.  This version will ask you to move over all of the data from your old QQube database, eliminating the necessity of having to reload from scratch.
  • QQube Logo. This is the first release which inculcates our new branding. 


Bug Fixes

  • Synch Process for Purchase Orders.  Fix a bug which caused the Sync process to fail on cases where there were large numbers of historical Purchase Orders, or large number of lines per Purchase Order. The sync log would show the following error: "Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow". 
  • General Ledger and Class. Fix issue with Class and associated LineIDs not showing in the General Ledger subject for the summary line of Journal Entries.
  • General Ledger in PowerPivot.  Fix issue with duplicate General Ledger Line IDs when multiple items are being paid, and each has a discount taken.  This would previously cause an error in Excel PowerPivot.
  • General Ledger Master Linking.  Change master linking number in Receive Payments in G/L where Payroll Liability Check is attached to Payment.  If using Pro or Premiere, this feature will not be available will show as Ref Number instead of txn number.

Earlier release information can be found here:

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