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QQube for QuickBooks Version 7.0 (Build 470) | CLEARIFY

QQube 7.0 (Build 470)

QQube 7.0 (Build 470)

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Release Details - October 10, 2018


QQube 7.0 fixes all bugs reported since version 6.38 (Build 449 on 5/24/2018) and focuses on improvements in the following areas:

  1. Multi-user installations
  2. Understanding and loading of analytics
  3. Getting started with our existing examples
  4. Viewing logs and fixing synch errors
  5. 52/53 tax year flexibility
  6. Quicker multi-company synchs

The biggest new feature, however is the data dictionary which describes each field and folder used in QQube.  This will help both QuickBooks experts - and those who are skilled with report writing and databases, but not with QuickBooks.

New Features: 

Financial Statements

  • Users can now group financial statements using the "Description Only" hierarchy for accounts.  QQube already has Account Number, Account Name, Account Number and Name.  This gets around the character number limitation for account name and should help non-profit accountants.

Example: "Earned Revenue: Audiology: Hearing Aids: Adjustments: Contractual"

Payroll Analytic

  • New field called "Payroll Line Commissions or Piece Work Quantity which will pick up pay check quantities for either commissions or Piece Work entries.

Fiscal Years

  • Users can now have both a traditional fiscal year based upon a particular starting month and 52/53 tax year reporting.  Previously this was an "either/or" option.

52/53 Tax Year Dimension

  • Current field called Tax Week Number is renamed to Tax Week Number in Period
  • Added field: Tax Week Number in Quarter
  • Added field: Tax Week Number in Year

Multi-Company Files

  • We have added new behavior so that if a QB file timestamp hasn't changed since the last update, the QB file won't be updated again; QQube will just move on to the next file in the list.

Excel Add-In

Excel now contains bubble text to show information about two areas:  The folders, and the individual fields within the folder.



Bug Fixes

Job Cost

  • Fix issue where Estimate Line having a blank quantity and a percentage rate would have an incorrect cost in Job Cost Analytic. 
  • Fix issue where Reimbursed Expenses were not being included in Job Cost Income in the Job Cost Analytic. 
  • Fix issue where all labor cost hours were missing from estimates used in Job Cost Analytic. 
  • Fix issue where if job cost analytic was only analytic loaded, then purchase orders and receive payments were getting extracted, but not loaded as part of the analytic.
  • Fix issue where the Fully Paid Date was incorrect for both the document date, and the fully paid dimension. 
  • Payroll Liability Check Expenses are now listed in Job Actual Costs where applicable. 


  • Fix problem where Vendor Name on Check (Non BillPay Check) was showing as 'No Vendor' in the Purchasing Analytic. 
  • Fix issue where the Fully Paid Date was incorrect for both the document date, and the fully paid dimension. 
  • Running only Enterprise Financial Summaries (without checking other analytics) would return no data.

General Ledger

  • Fix issue where the Fully Paid Date was incorrect for both the document date, and the fully paid dimension. 

Accounts Receivable

  • Fix issue in Accounts DIMENSION where it was not reflecting the A/R account.  This worked previously in Version 5.76 

Financial Summary (Enterprise Only) - Profit and Loss with Actual/Budget/Forecast (and by class)

  • If you had a different fiscal year than calendar, then the amounts were incorrect.  This has been fixed 
  • If you had a different fiscal year than calendar, then the year assigned to both quarters and years was incorrect.  This has been fixed. 

Cash Requirements

  • Add missing Line Service Date field 

Excel Add-In

  • If you change one of the refresh options in the QQube Add-In to something other than the top prompt, then save, and then re-open, the change would not show. 

    QQube Excel Add-In Refresh Options

Changes and Improvements


.NET Framework 4.7.2 will be the new requirement.


Database Update

Using Release components 17.09.4838



Users will no longer have the option to "install for all users", as this created a problem for multi-user server installations. It allowed every person to become a potential synch user, creating a multitude of errors in scheduled synch situations.

The ODBC drivers are installed "for all users" as System DSN.

If you install the Multi-User Version (Server portion) or the Single-User version, the database engine, associated permissions, and the synchronizer will be assigned to the current user it is being installed to - and nobody else.


 .VSTO Installation (Installer)

We located an issue with adodb.dll which is a Microsoft dll allowing us to talk with Microsoft Query with the Excel Add-In.  Microsoft introduced the same version, but with a different date (they admitted their error) - causing the installer to stall.

This has now been changed, as we have just compiled this dll into the .VSTO itself, thereby eliminating any chance of this happening again.


Program Shortcuts

Shortcuts to running the QQube Configuration Tool will originate from the specific user, instead of the public/all users directories.

The auto startup links will launch from:

  • C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\CLEARIFY - QQube
  • NOT C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

The icon link will launch from:

  • C:\Users\[User Name]\Desktop
  • NOT C:\Users\Public\Public Desktop


Configuration Tool - Title

Easier to Identify what type of user is engaged when logged into to the server.


Configuration Tool - Available Analytic Areas

Analytic Areas have been re-arranged to:

  • More closely resemble what users see inside of QuickBooks
  • Silo information according to business type, e.g. construction, retail, etc.

The current schema information on our website already reflects this change.


Configuration Tool - Available Financial Statement Analytics

All individual pieces of the Financial Statements and Financial Statements by Class will now show in the QQube Configuration Tool.  There will be one 'parent' check box that will auto check all dependent analytics.

This is a change from previous versions so that you can see what actually gets loaded.


Fiscal and 52/53 Tax Year Options

We have moved these options under advanced options for simplification.  Given the new Available Analytic Groupings, it made little sense to have the same option in 4 or 5 different places.

  • Default for fiscal year will be is pulled for the first QB file in QQube.
  • Default for 52/53 tax year will be 13x4, ending on the last Sunday of December.


Configuration Tool - Advanced Options

Multi-User Version (Server Portion) or Single-User Version

Older QQube Versions Prior to 7.0 QQube Versions 7.0 and Later

Multi-User Version (Client Portion)

Older QQube Versions Prior to7.0 QQube Versions 7.0 and Later
QQube 6.4 Configuration Tool Changes - Old Advanced Database Options    

We eliminated options that were no longer needed in the current Sybase technologies. 

Note that the synchronizer and database manager options are no longer able to be checked or unchecked.


Configuration Tool - Data Synch - Scheduler

We removed the Run Now button from the Scheduler Page to reduce possible confusion with the values in the Logs>Refresh Type column.


Manual Refresh Load Options 

We have reworked the list of analytics to be loaded to resemble the hierarchy of available analytics to assimilate congruency and less confusion. 


Configuration Tool - Data Synch - Synch Logs

We have reworked this screen to give more pertinent and readable information for the end user.  

Actual log.

Also contains previous log summary information.


Example Files are Read Only

Examples are now read only, except for Microsoft Access which writes in real-time.  Applications like Excel can have auto save options, which overwrite the initial examples.  This will prevent that.


Example Files Open When Loaded

Examples for unloaded analytics will be grayed out in the example section of the QQube Configuration Tool.  You can also alphabetize each column in the example area.


Manual Client Connection

In cases where it is necessary to put in the host:2638 information in the connection box in the multi-user client, you will only be allowed to put in ip addresses.  e.g.

IF DSN is configured incorrectly on a network, and you use the host name, it can can cause slowdown in opening up Excel files.

Your entry now look something like this: 

QQube Remote Connection



The wizard will display choices that more closely resemble their business and how they use QuickBooks 

  • The type of business they are in
  • Whether they use classes (if classes is turned on)
  • Whether they want to load payroll analytics (if payroll is turned on)
  • Whether they want to use the 52/53 tax year option



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