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QQube for QuickBooks Version 7.1 (Build 471) | CLEARIFY

QQube 7.1 (Build 471)

QQube 7.1 (Build 471)

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Release Details - February 21, 2019


QQube 7.1 fixes most bugs reported since version 7.0 (Build 465 on 10/16/2018) and focuses on requested features and improvements in the following areas:

  1. Installation and Upgrades.
  2. Added fields for Sales, Job Costing and GL Detail analytics.
  3. Fixed and improved rules for applied and open transaction amounts.
  4. Fixed and improved rules for paid and open transaction lines and line paid/open status.
  5. Definition and usage rules for Fully Paid and Due Dates.
  6. New formatting definition rules e.g. field types and lengths across all analytics.
  7. Remove zero rows option in Excel Add-In Presentation Cleanup (Financial Summary Analytics only)

NOTE: Items highlighted in brown, are direct requests from the Solution Provider Community.

New Features

Sales Analytic

  • Add more column values to assist with measures for paid/open transaction status and applied/taken discounts:
    • SalesTxn Document Discount Items Amount
    • SalesTxn Document Credits Amount
    • SalesTxn Line Credits Applied On Document
    • SalesTxn Line Payments Applied On Document
    • SalesTxn Line Payments Applied To Document
    • SalesTxn Line Discounts Applied On Document
    • SalesTxn Line Discounts Applied To Document

Job Cost Analytic

  • Add more column values to assist with measures for paid/open transaction status and applied/taken discounts.  This will also take in to effect the various ways that customers do their job costing payments and discounts in their invoicing procedures.
    • JobTxn Document Discount Items Amount
    • JobTxn Document Applied Credit Memo Amount
    • JobTxn Document Credits Amount
    • JobTxn Line Credits Applied On Document
    • JobTxn Line Credit Memo Applied To Document
    • JobTxn Line Discounts Applied On Document
    • JobTxn Line Discounts Applied To Document
    • JobTxn Line Payments Applied On Document
    • JobTxn Line Payments Applied To Document

General Ledger Analytic

  • Add new columns for Document Open and Paid Status:
    • GLTxn Document Total Amount
    • GLTxn Document Total Applied Amount
    • GLTxn Document Total Open Amount
    • GLTxn Document Current Paid/Open Status

Excel Add-In

  • Underneath the Presentation Cleanup on the QQube Ribbon you now have an option to show all rows, or non-zero rows - to mimic QuickBooks.

Bug Fixes


  • Fix issue where, upon installation, a message would appear that said "Specified Database Not Found", requiring the end-user to manually navigate to the database. (Bug 003)
  • Fix issue where database would be renamed, and when upgraded would cause multi-windows to appear, requiring manual shutdown via task manager. (Bug 009)

Configuration Tool

  • Fixed incorrect links (Bug 004)
    • Link after creating case 
    • Fiscal Year Setup in Config Tool 
    • Suggestion Box on About QQube 
  • Misspelling (Bug 005)
    • Freestyle was spelled incorrectly

All Detail Analytics

  • Existing Fully Paid Dates and Due Dates where listed as one date in the traditional data dimensions, and yet another in the new single date dimensions.  They have been fixed to be both correct and congruent. (Bug 001)
  • Item Custom Fields 13,14,15 were not returning data in transactions.  This has been fixed (Bug 025)

Job Costing

  • Fix Issue where Received Income in Job Cost Analytic did not match Act Revenue in the Job Estimates vs Actuals Summary (Bug 012)
  • Fix Issue where open Job A/P Balance was not matching QB Reporting.  Now matches Unpaid Bills by Job. (Bug 013)
  • Fix issue where line item on deposit and assigned to a job name, was missing from income. (Bug 023)
  • Add back all historical PO activity - rather than just Open PO amounts - to match Version 5.x functionality. (Bug 024)


  • Fix Issue where Forecast Date was missing for Purchase Orders. (Bug 021)
  • There are cases where QB creates COGS for assemblies where negative inventory exists.  While QQube accounted for this, it wasn't showing.  Second related issue was having an incorrect COGS account.  These have both been fixed. (Bug 030)

Payroll (General Ledger Detail, Profit and Loss Detail, and Job Costing)

  • Fix issue where pay check total document amount was missing. (Bug 018)
  • Fix issue where pay check paid status was mislabeled (parentheses should not have existed around 'Paid'). (Bug 019)
  • For QB Canadian Premier, payroll was loading but not appearing. (Bug 008)

General Ledger Detail (Pro/Premier Only)

  • Because of limitations in the Intuit SDK for multi-currency, ARRefunds was omitted from the General Ledger Detail.  This has now been fixed to allow ARRefunds from Pro/Premier - however multi-currency adjustments for Gain/Loss on Exchange Rate will still be missing. QB Enterprise remains ok. (Bug 026)

Profit and Loss Detail

  • Fix Issue where Currency Code and Memo fields were reversed on A/R Refund Transaction. (Bug 022)

52/53 Tax Year Profit and Loss by Class

  • Fix Issue where the same amounts for each account were being reflected for each class rather than the correct amount. (Bug 020)

Accounts Payable

  • A Billed Date Field showed in the Excel Add-In for the Open A/P Analytic, and if clicked on would throw an error.  This field existed in error, as it is only available for Open A/R. This has been fixed. (Bug 031)

Voided Check, Credit Card Charge, Credit Card Credit

  • Null Value was not converted to 0.00 causing Excel Pivot Tables to not automatically sum (Excel would default to Count). Null will always be 0.00 from now on for this scenario. (Bug 015)

Fiscal Year Calendar

  • Fix issue where the fiscal year calendar dimension was not getting populated. This affected the following analytics: (Bug 011)
    • Sales
    • Job Cost
    • Purchasing
    • General Ledger Detail
    • Profit and Loss Detail
    • Profit and Loss Freestyle - and by Class
    • Inventory
    • Audit Trail
    • Sales Tax

52/53 Year Calendar

  • Fix issue where 52/53 Calendar Dimension was not populating correctly when chosen from the First Time Setup Wizard. (Bug 014)

Source Name

  • When a list item is missing, the marker says (No Vendor Name) or (No Service Item).   No Source Name was incorrectly missing the parentheses.  This has been fixed. (Bug 029)

Excel Add-In

  • Choosing the field "Customer is Sales Rep" would throw and Excel Add-In error.  This field was removed years ago, but remained in the Excel Add-In field alias list.  This has now also been removed. (Bug 016)
  • Fix issue for upgrading customers, where updating spreadsheets containing Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss from prior versions - and built with the Excel Add-In, were not upgrading properly. (Bug 032)

Microsoft Access

  • Change formatting (see "changes to formatting definitions" in the Improvements Section Below) to numeric (13,2) for amounts (Exception for line applied and open amounts - which are now decimal(20,6), numeric (16,5) for quantities, rates,and percentages, and (15,6) for exchange rate.  Previously, Access was unable to read larger (and unnecessary) definitions as text. (Bug 017)

Excel PowerPivot

  • Errors for "duplicated TxnID" may appear in some circumstances as a result of Enterprise Paycheck information.  This has been fixed. (Bug 027)
  • Although near impossible, an issue was found where "duplicated TxnID" errors would show as a result of duplicate id from different transactions in the General Ledger.  Using QB Enterprise for payroll and for some parts of assembly, the transaction_id and target_id can be the same.  This has been fixed (Bug (028)

Changes and Improvements

Database Update

Using Release components


  • On upgrade rename the database back to its original name (Old one is renamed (oldname)_backup#.db
  • QQube will show a warning sign that the server will need to be rebooted upon completion of the installation, if .NET 4.7.2 needs to be installed.  Exit is allowed.

Configuration Tool

  • Subscription Date Expiration Date on Help>About Screen
  • 52/53 Tax Year Calendar can be changed directly from Available Analytics - as well as the existing Fiscal Year Calendar Section.
  • Upgrade graphics for QQube™ and CLEARIFY®

Excel Add-In

  • You will no longer be able to refresh Excel while the synch is in process


  • As a result of investigating Bug 017 for Microsoft Access, we have changed the field formatting for all FACT and new vdf_DIMENSION tables to ensure consistent behavior. Generally formatting is left to the presentation layer - but tools like Access have specific requirements as to what they are *capable* of reading.
  • Column types are cast as follows:
    • Document Transaction Number - Integer
    • A/R or A/P Interval Days, Avg Days to Pay, Days Paid Beyond Terms - Integer
    • Custom Fields - Varchar (31)
    • All Quantity Fields - Numeric(16,5)
    • All Rate and Percent Fields - Numeric(16,5)
    • Exchange Rate - Numeric(15,6)
    • All Amount Fields in Open A/R and Open A/P - Decimal(20,6)
    • All Applied and Open Amount Fields - Decimal(20,6)
    • All other Amount Fields - Decimal(13,2)
  • All other text fields will take on the required characteristics of the Intuit SDK as extracted, including memo fields.

Fully Paid Dates

  • We now address transactions that could appear in A/R or A/P, but were not handled correctly in earlier versions of QQube:
    • Check, Credit Card Charge, Credit CardCredit, A/R Refund, Deposit, Journal Entry, Unapplied and over Payments, etc.
  • The rules for this date is as follows:
    • All posting transactions that can appear in A/R or A/P will have no fully paid date value if open, and a Fully Paid Date if Paid.
    • All other posting transactions that cannot / do not appear in A/R or A/P will use the Txn Date as the Fully Paid Date.

Due Dates

  • We now address transactions that have no due date in the SDK, but could appear in A/R or A/P - and were not handled correctly in earlier versions of QQube.
    • Check, Credit Card Charge, Credit CardCredit, A/R Refund, Deposit, Journal Entry, Unapplied and over Payments, etc.
  • The rules for this date is as follows:
    • All posting and non-posting transactions which have a naturally occurring due date field will use the SDK results for that field as the due date
    • All posting transactions which don't have a due date field, but have open A/R or A/P lines will use the txn date as the due date, otherwise there is no due date.

Document Amount Rules and Signage Rules

  • Document Total is always a positive number.
  • Document Applied is what is applied to A/P or A/R (negative number).
  • Document Open is what is remaining for either open A/R or A/P (positive number).
  • Documents that cannot be A/R or A/P - or have no lines that are A/R or A/P - are neither applied nor open e.g. 0.00

Line Open/Paid Amounts Rules and Signage Rules

  • Line Paid is what is paid (as opposed to applied).
    1. Sales Receipt is always fully paid and fully applied.
    2. If the transaction is an invoice, credit memo, statement charge, bill, vendor credit then both A/R|A/P and Non A/R|A/P is partially paid if partially applied. (this is necessary for job costing, sales, purchasing).
    3. If the transaction is A/R Refund, Deposit, Check, CCCharge, CCCredit, Journal Entry, Bill Pay Check, Bill Pay CCard, then only A/R|A/P posting lines are partially paid/applied.  Non A/R|A/P lines are always fully paid - again for job costing, sales, purchasing.
    4. Payroll Transactions and Inventory Transactions are always fully paid per line, but never applied (as in Document Open/Paid).
    5. Line Open is what is remaining for either open A/R or A/P where applicable. (*B,*C)

You can now choose Line Open Amounts in the General Ledger Detail Analytic, filtering for either A/R or A/P account(s) and match to QB Open A/R or A/P reports (for all dates) respectively.

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