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QQube for QuickBooks Version 7.2 (Build 474) | CLEARIFY

QQube 7.2 (Build 474)

QQube 7.2 (Build 474)

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Release Details - April 4, 2019


This release fixes a handful of minor bugs, and several emergency "hot fixes"

Bug Fixes

QQube Data

  • Added Max Qty for Inventory and Inventory Assembly to Item DIMENSION (Bug 034)
  • Fix issue where Fully Paid Date for Credit Memos was incorrect, and was not reflective of the open/paid status of the transaction. (Bug 033)
  • Fix issue with Fully Paid Date for Bills - it was previously always null (Bug 001)
  • Fix incorrect formatting for Document Applied and Open Amounts in the General Ledger Detail Analytic.  It is now correct - Decimal (20,6)) (Bug 038)
  • Fix issue where orphan entries for Paycheck and Payroll Liability Check - In QB Pro and or Premier only - may appear with no TxnID, either as the result of corruption or of a partial void. This would cause a duplicate TxnID message to appear in PowerBI and PowerPivot (Bug 039)
  • Fix performance issue with unusual large numbers of Sales Order Lines (Bug 040)
  • Fix incorrect quarter measures in Profit and Loss by Job (Bug 042)
  • Fix incorrect measures in Profit and Loss by Job by Class (Bug 043)
  • Fix Line Rate Percent error in Cash Position Analytic (Bug 044)


  • ix "vd_account not found error" on the Trial Balance Activity by Class Tab in the Financial Summary by Class Analytic for Excel in the QQube Configuration Tool. (Bug 041)

Changes and Improvements

Manual Refresh

There is now an option on the Manual Refresh Page to skip files that have not been changed.  This mirrors the functionality and options on the Scheduler Page.


We have added the License ID expiration date in the log.


Custom Chunking Values will now be copied over to the new version during the upgrade process.

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