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QQube for QuickBooks Version 7.4 (Build 484) | CLEARIFY

QQube 7.4 (Build 484)

QQube 7.4 (Build 484)

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Release Details - August 23, 2019


There are multiple bug fixes, and a performance improvement for files with large number of Purchase Orders.

Bug Fixes

Credit Memos

  • Fix issue where Subtotals were incorrect on Credit Memo transactions.

Inventory with Serial Numbers

  • Fix two issues related to certain transactions where Serial Numbers or Lot Numbers are being used.
    • Quantity was showing as +1 instead of -1 on Vendor Credits
    • In cases of negative inventory, and where QuickBooks made an inventory adjustment, the qty was being tripled. This affected the following transactions: Bills, Vendor Credit, Check, Credit Card Charge, Credit Card Credit

General Ledger Detail - A/R Refund

  • Fix three issues related to A/R Refund Transactions
    • Document Paid or Open value was showing differently on each line.  The value should be the same for both lines.
    • 0.00 Balance for A/R portion was not showing fully paid date.
    • Balance for A/R portion was not showing due date.

Multi-Currency - Rounding Adjustments

  • Fix issue where rounding differences, posted to accounts other than Exchange Gain or Loss, were not showing. 

Performance Improvements

Refresh Time During Synch Process

  • Fixed a bottleneck with regard to the refresh times for Purchase Order Lines on larger QB files.  In certain cases it would take hours.  It now refreshes in line with all other transactions, regardless of QuickBooks file size and number of transaction lines. 

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