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QQube 7.7 (Build 508)

QQube 7.7 (Build 508)

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Release Details - August 10, 2020


There are five areas that we focused on in this release:

  • Improving the refresh speed of larger Excel files via the Excel Add-In.
  • Bug fixes that have accumulated over the last 6 months.
  • Major rework of the installer to efficiently handle more options..
  • Polish the Power BI examples to keep up with the changes that Microsoft has made for the last 18+ months.
  • Updated SQL Anyhwere Components, and requirement to install .NET 4.8

Excel Add-In

Speed Issues

  • We fixed an issue that involved extreme slowness of data refreshes within Excel, for larger data sets.  Speed improvements of up to 80%
  • Will require installation of .NET 4.8

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed issue where Bill Addresses were not showing in the Geography folder for the Purchases Analytic.
  • Fixed issue where grabbing the Line Service Date from the Excel Add-In inside of the Purchasing Analytic would cause an error.

Open Purchase Orders

  • Fixed issue where grabbing the Line Service Date from the Excel Add-In inside of the Open Purchase Order Analytic would cause an error.

UK VAT Country

  • Created a work around to a unique issue in the UK versions, where if a job does not have the VAT Country field filled in, the SDK would simply not extract the job.  Additionally, if you left the VAT Country field set to "other", and you add a job - it doesn't populate "other" to the job; and of course the field does not show for you to change it at the job level.  Our fix is to eliminate the VAT Country from the request, and we will just not have that field available in a customer list for UK customers.

Sample Company Data Extraction Functionality

  • Re-applied the rule to automatically reload sample company file data from scratch, because of how a sample file handles the internal timestamps.  It got turned off accidentally in 6.x versions of QQube.

Bill of Materials

  • Fixed an issue where, if an assembly had no items in it, it would not show in the BOM explosion as an assembly or sub-assembly.

Job Cost

  • Fix issue where minus amounts on a bill - possibly causing a 0.00 balance on the bill - did not reflect properly on paid/open amounts and line/document paid status. This affected both G/L Detail, and Job Costing.

General Ledger Detail, Profit and Loss Detail, Job Costing (and Payroll)

  • Correct signage for the Paid Amount Column for the following transactions: (Bug 098)
    • Inventory Transfer
    • Inventory Adjustment
    • Paycheck
    • Posting payroll adjustments
    • YTD payroll adjustments
    • Payroll liability checks
    • Sales tax payment checks
  • If the amount of a bill pay check is more than the amount of the items checked to be paid, QQube was not showing the correct overpayment debits and credits.

    This can only occur when somebody goes back to a bill payment check that was auto-created via the pay bills feature in QuickBooks, and manually changes the check amount - and doesn't change the line amounts that are being paid.  Normally, If you change the line amounts, the check amount automatically changes.  This now works in QQube to accommodate this rare anomaly.

  • Fixed an issue where in some QuickBooks files the payroll non-paycheck transactions were not showing in General Ledger or Payroll Analytics.  This affected both US and Canadian versions. This affected both G/L and Payroll Analytics.

Power BI Issues

  • Fixed issue where the description of the analytic being used for Profit and Loss by Job did not match the .pbix file listed in the QQube Configuration Tool, and would erroneously show it as being un available.
  • Fixed Days Between Sales DAX Formula in the Sales Analytic.


Uninstall Fixes

  • When the uninstall was run from the Control Panel, it wouldn't call the various installation pieces (MSIs) that were sub-nested within the main/parent installer.  This has been fixed.

Installation Changes and Command Line Overrides

  • There is now one installer to handle situations where Excel is present or not.
  • Server with no QuickBooks installed stops by default.  There is an override for those cases where a server acts as a client (in multi-server networks).
  • Server with QuickBooks installed – defaults to multi-user server installation, with no other options.  There is an override for those cases where we allow a single-user to be installed on the server (e.g. single user only of QuickBooks).
  • Workstation with no QuickBooks installed – defaults to multi-user client, with no other options. 
  • Workstation or Server acting as client - but cannot find the server e.g. because of a different subnet - has an override to be installed as a multi-user client, but without checking for the server during installation.  You can use the normal (advanced) utility within the QQube Configuration Tool to find the server at that point.


  • The Install button was overlapping other buttons, and has been fixed to normal size.

Power BI Enhancements

Power BI has made scores of monthly improvements to its product for the last 4 years, and we followed suit in this release to take advantage of them - to produce a more polished implementation of Power BI examples with QQube.

DAX Formula Readability

  • All DAX formulas that we have created are now formatted for easier reading.



Check Use of Hierarchies

  • Account
  • Class
  • Item
  • Job

Power BI now allows the ability to filter by a particular level of the hierarchy, which means we can hide the original fields, and keep just the hierarchy.  

Date Formats

  • Dates default to 03/31/2020 instead of March 31, 2020
  • Date dimension numerical fields set to not auto summary

Field Categories

  • Power BI now appropriately is able to categorize geography fields for GIS purposes, and we have now properly followed suit.
    • City
    • State/Province
    • Postal Code
    • Country

Set Default Numerical Formats above the Data Model Level (Detail Analytics)

  • Quantity - sum, general, auto decimal, no comma
  • Quantity Hours - sum, general, 2 decimal places, no comma
  • Line Rate - avg, currency, auto decimal, no comma
  • Line Exchange Rate - avg, general, 6 decimal places
  • Amount - sum, currency, 2 decimal places, comma
  • Percent - avg, percent, 1 decimal place, no comma

Set Default Numerical Formats for Financial Analytics

  • Line Exchange Rate - avg, general, 6 decimal places
  • Amount - sum, currency, 2, comma
  • Percent - sum, percent, 1 decimal place, no comma
  • Ratios - avg, general, 1 decimal place, no comma

Field Descriptors for Bubble Text

  • Power BI now has a field description property, which allows us to mimic the bubble text descriptors we currently use in our Excel Add-In.  Unfortunately, there is a bug in Power BI whereby line feeds are not recognized, so lines appear "run in".  Microsoft has this in their queue to be fixed - but has not given notice as to when.
  • We have added descriptions only for the folders - and not the individual fields, until the bug is fixed.


  • Power BI now has a synonym property which allows to create another dictionary of terms for each field for "natural language queries".  We have already renamed the fields to be more user friendly, but the default synonyms that Power BI had auto derived needed correcting in places.

Model Visualizations

  • We cleaned up the data model visuals for each analytic to allow for "everything in one glance" - and to fix several incorrect (or missing) relationships.

Help References

  • The tab where the references were originally listed in the .pbix examples has been renamed from "Create Your Own" to "Need Help?"
  • We have a better designed page of available guides.
  • We added a link to the Solution Provider page

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