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QQube for QuickBooks Version 7.7 (Build 513) | CLEARIFY

QQube 7.7 (Build 513)

QQube 7.7 (Build 513)

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Release Details - September 22, 2020


We have addressed five items in this release.

  • Bug fix for customer contacts
  • Installer tweaks
  • QQube Configuration Tool tweaks
  • Corrections to cardinality and date calendars in Power BI
  • Option to defer Balance Sheet by Class separately from the list of analytics under Financial Statements by Class.

Bug Fix


  • Fixed issues for customer contact lists, and customer notes, not loading in the Excel Add-In.

QQube Installer

Avast Anti-Virus Issues

  • When installing on a machine where Avast Anti-Virus is running, the installer would quickly terminate on the first copy operation of the install - despite the fact that we have a signed certificate.  This has been fixed, so it won't be necessary to turn it off before installation.

Install Messages

  • Fixed installer messages which did not accurately represent the actual activity - in order to avoid false troubleshooting.

QQube Configuration Tool


  • Updated and fixed various links from within the tool to the website

Synch Log Messages

  • Two error conditions now have more forceful messaging to alert customers that reloading from scratch is absolute, and prefacing the error message with "COMPLETE RELOAD REQUIRED".   There are two situations where this is necessary:
    • Manual Abort
    • Abnormal Synch Interruption

Power BI Examples

Date Calendars

QQube implements a traditional data warehouse star schema, where values that don't exist in a FACT table, are represented by a "dummy marker", so that all joins are efficient inner joins, rather than "costly" left or right outer joins.   This is true for any DIMENSION, including Date DIMENSIONS.

However Microsoft has decided to implement their own methodology for a date dimension, where it is necessary to designate a Date DIMENSION as a "Date Table", with certain structural requirements.  It affects certain DAX date functions, without this designation.

In this release we accommodated this designation to allow customers to easily use the specific DAX date functions affected.


When relationships are established between the tables in our schema, Power BI allows us to assign a cardinality e.g. many to one, one to one with either singular or bi-directional filtering).

We have corrected all Cardinalities to properly reflect our Star Schema relationships:

  1. All FACT and DIMENSION tables will have a cardinality of many to one, with single-directional filtering.
  2. The only exception will be a FACT table tied to a Line Attribute DIMENSION, where the cardinality will be one-to-one, and bi-directional filtering.

QQube Synch Process

Balance Sheet by Class

Since the class splits of transactions are not stored underneath the hood in QuickBooks, it is necessary to extract the actual Balance Sheet by Class report for the Balance Sheet by Class Analytic.

However, this "report extract" takes the exact time it would take as if you were manually running the report in QuickBooks.  If you have a large number of classes and a large file in general, this process can literally take hours, and can be a hindrance to nightly or even manual synchs.

Since, the Balance by Sheet is not typically looked at on a daily basis, we have provided a feature under Advanced Options, that will allow you to bypass the synch of this analytic - and avoid the largest consumption of extract time in the list of Financial Analytics by Class.

With this feature, you can just run the Balance Sheet by Class over the weekend.

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