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QQube for QuickBooks Version 7.7 (Build 524) | CLEARIFY

QQube 7.7 (Build 524)

QQube 7.7 (Build 524)

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Release Details - February 11, 2021


This build fixes a potential issue preventing upgrades from completing, and fixes a database copy anomaly during the update process.

Bug Fixes

Installation for Upgrades

  • In certain instances when upgrading from a previous version of QQube, you might see a message that says "Unable to open/read copy of QQubeEmpty database..."  This was the result of a missing utility - in the wrong folder.  This has been fixed

Upgrade Copy Procedure Missing Custom Field Definitions

  • When copying the information from the old database to the new database during an upgrade, the custom field definitions were not getting copied over, requiring a reload of data to be usable.  This has been fixed.

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