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QQube for QuickBooks Version 7.9 (Build 535) | CLEARIFY

QQube 7.9 (Build 535)

QQube 7.9 (Build 535)

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Release Details - December 8, 2021


This build addresses the synch log entries for the Windows Operating System in which QQube is installed, as well as several new extraction logging features to allow us to better serve customers when they submit logs.  We also added a new feature in the Excel Add-In for Profit and Loss lists.

Bug Fix

QQube Synch Log

  • The QQube Synch Log was not showing the correct Operating System in all cases, and was not tooled for Windows 11.  The log now takes advantage of newer Windows development tools, and now shows a more complete description of the Operating System including the build number.


QQube Synch Log

  • We have added several new internal codes within the QQube log to help us better identify issues with the extraction process and certain internal codes returned by QuickBooks.

Excel Add-In

  • We have added the ability to create a Profit and Loss List, as some customers create reports using array functions (e.g. vlookup) from dynamic ranges. 


TO UPDATE: QQube Updates and Upgrades

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