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QQube for QuickBooks Version 10.0 (Build 569) | CLEARIFY

QQube 10.0 (Build 569)

QQube 10.0 (Build 569)

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Release Details - January 19, 2023


QQube Version 10, Build 569 fixes several bugs that have been observed on upgrades from Pre-10 Versions of QQube including usability, data refresh, and compatibility issues with Power Query and SQL Linked Server.


Fix issue where ghost data models would show in the Manual Refresh area.

Fix issue where reimbursed items on credit memo were missing from job costs.

Fix issue where the Account dimension in Audit Trail missing detail in the Excel Add-In.

Fixed issue in the GL Details Data Model in Power BI, where necessary measures were hidden in error.

Fix issue where certain upgrades to version 10 had unpopulated views.

Updated to appropriate version of SQL Anywhere to address two Microsoft items:

  • Power Query now shows tables and views when accessing the two QQube Data Sources
  • SQL Server Linked Server no longer throws an error when opening a view

Fix issue where LinkForCompanyID in Job and Customer Rep dimensions was missing.  They have been added back.

Fix internal error where the Microsoft Access views would not be deleted when PandL by Job and Class (Legacy models) were unchecked - which caused slightly longer refresh times.

(Bugs Fixed from Build 568)

Fix multiple issues with recalculating date calendar when changes made to 52/53 tax year

Other Fixes

Added back two account dimensions for PowerPivot and Power BI users to allow easier upgrades from earlier versions of QQube.  Although we have created new account dimensions for our new Power Query/Pivot/BI models, it is best to leave these in for legacy purposes, and alleviate some frustration with any upgrade process..

  • vd_Account_S
  • vd_AccountBS_S


You can now use Alt-K to turn on mnemonics to allow multiple toggle choices for synch options in the QuickBooks Company List.  Use the underlined letters, along with the down arrow, to select multiple companies in quick fashion.  (Previously, you had to tediously click each one)

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