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QQube Version 4 Release Details | CLEARIFY

QQube Version 4 Release Details

QQube Version 4 Release Details

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QQube - Release 4

This is a major release with added functionality in the following areas:

  • Inventory enhancements
  • Additional financial reporting capabilities
  • New fields for existing subjects
  • New LOOKUP subjects
  • Advanced calendar features
  • Improved diagnostic tools and underlying functionality
  • Better support for Terminal Services
  • More report examples
  • Overhauled documentation and self-help materials 

Inventory Enhancements

Lots and Serial Numbers are now available in the Inventory, Sales and Purchasing Subjects - including by site.  What is unique about the QQube implementation, is that each serial number - and lot - is shown as one number/lot per line. (QuickBooks allows entry of multiple serial numbers per transaction line, making it difficult to get precise reporting)

QQube Lot and Serial Numbers(click image to enlarge)


Consumption based reporting is available for both historical and forecasting purposes.  QQube accurately delineates the items within the assemblies that exist on Sales Orders and what was consumed through historical transactions.

U of M Dimension (for Enterprise Users only). Use this to convert units on transaction line details.

Transaction Vendor Custom Fields. Custom fields used on Purchase Orders now available.


Additional Financial Reporting Capabilities

52/53 Year and Fiscal Year are now available for General Ledger Detail including the ability to report by 13 week periods, (typically used by restaurants).

QQube Lot and Serial Numbers


 Advanced Description in the General Ledger Detail.  For instance, show what bill was paid with a particular bill pament.

QQube Lot and Serial Numbers
(click image to enlarge)


Group Linked Transactions in the General Ledger Detail. This is a feature found in NO other accounting application and unique to the QQube Technology.  Using a Master Linking Number, you can group invoices and applied payments/credit memos, or bills and bill payments.

General Ledger Master Linking (click image to enlarge)


Cash Activity in the General Ledger Detail. Using the Summary Account feature, you can easily ascertain the inflows and outflows of a cash account.

Genral Ledger Summary Account Feature (click image to enlarge)


Trial Balance Activity/Comparison by period for each of 36 periods. View beginning balance, ending balance and period activity - even period budget - side by side.

 QQube Trial Balance Activity (click image to enlarge)

QQube Trial Balance Comparison
(click image to enlarge)

QQube Trial Balance Fields


Statement of Cash Activity using the 36 period Trail Balance Summary. Works great with pivot tables.

QQube Statement of Cash Activity(click image to enlarge)

**************Actuals, Budget AND Forecast in the same report!!! (General Ledger Detail)********************

Profit and Loss by Job Summary (36 periods).  Included are % Sales columns for easier use in Pivot Tables.

Added Payroll Item and Payment Method Dimensions to the General Ledger Detail.

New Account Filtering Category:  P&L or BS.

Simplified Financial Setup:  Fewer choices, means easier use and understanding.


New Fields for Existing Subjects

Job Cost calculated columns for Materials and Labor are now available in the Job Cost Subject.  This is particularly useful for Pivot Tables where calculated fields have limitations - and for those who use QuickBooks as it was intended.  Materials represent inventory, non-inventory, and assembly items.  Labor includes service items.  These columns are available for estimate, cost and income transactions.

QQube Job Cost Estimate Fields QQube Job Cost Actual Cost Fields

Class Grouping Mechanisms - similar to what currently exists in QQube for Accounts and Items - making it easier to use in all reporting functions. 

Effective payroll date (enterprise only) - is added to the Payroll Subject.


New LOOKUP Subjects

BOM Explosion works fabulously in pivot tables.  Easily find what items exist in your complete assembly regardless of the level, or create a simple BOM.

 QQube BOM - Number of Items

- OR -

QQube BOM - Explosion
(click image to enlarge)


Custom Fields - QQube uses a generic naming methodology to accommodate multiple company files, so using this LOOKUP will help you determine what the correlating QuickBooks name is. QQube Custom Fields LOOKUP


Additional Calendar Features

Add or Change your own Holidays. This exciting feature gives the user the ability to control what holidays will be included in any reporting, and the dates they fall on (e.g. actual date vs celebrated date).

 QQube Calendar Setup

QQube Calendar Setup - Detail

Holidays and Weekend in the date dimensions. Added are the Holiday name, and flags for determining if a particular day is a holiday or a weekend day. QQube Holiday/Weekend Fields

52/53 and Fiscal Year is available for more than the General Ledger Detail; it is included in the Sales, Purchasing and Inventory Subjects as well - and yes the 13 four week periods are available.


Improved Diagnostic Tools and underlying functionality.

Enhanced Logs pinpoint errors more efficiently. We have enhanced the log to contain more information for better troubleshooting.

Send logs directly to CLEARIFY support from your desktop. If there is a communication error between QuickBooks and QQube, you can now press a button and send the information directly to QQube technical support for a quick response.

QQube Send Syncrhonizer Logs to CLEARIFY Support


Store the QQube database in a different location. If space is a premium on the default installation drive, move the database.Smaller space footprint. The transaction log is now cleared after every refresh operation, so 99% of the total space is attributed to the database itself.

Better Terminal Services Support. Instructions and requirements are better delineated for IT specialists.


More report examples

We have added more Microsoft Excel and SAP Crystal Reports. Including Trial Balance Activity, BOM Explosion, General Ledger Detail, etc.

Microsoft Access. A complete set of database examples for each subject.  The data warehouse relationships have already been created, so you can just drag and drop the fields you need for your report.

QQube Microsoft Access Samples


Overhauled documentation and self-help materials

You will find better documentation on requirements, installation, and troubleshooting in the CLEARIFY Knowledgebase area, and we have opened up a brand new community with over 300 wikis, articles, examples.  The community combines a Facebook like functionality, while mainting the traditional forum and document organization that many business professionals are used to.

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It is the QuickBooks transaction number. Look for a blog post this week for a deeper dive into how this works. It is unique to QQube
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