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QQube Certified Solution Providers Present at SNH | CLEARIFY

QQube Certified Solution Providers Present at Scaling New Heights

QQube Certified Solution Providers Present at Scaling New Heights

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Cream of the Crop Expertise

We are very proud of our QQube Certified Solution Provider community for a myriad of reasons. Not only are they steeped in in our product methodology and solution deliverables, but they are QuickBooks experts, with years of experience, and high visibility in the Intuit Community.

We are very picky about whom we choose to join our family because it ensures that whomever you choose to deal with, will be experienced, and ethical.  These are professionals who do much more than just pass an exam to get a pretty badge.

Historical Participation and Perspective

For several decades there have been one or more national QuickBooks related conferences which cover everything from product tricks and tips, to getting around the limitations of the product. 

Some of our Solution Providers have taught at almost every one of these - such as Mario Nowogrodzki of Mendelson Consulting.  Our founder Chuck Vigeant, M.Ed. was also a mainstay for the first 15 years - speaking about data extraction and custom reporting at over 50 conferences   - until he retired from public speaking a few years ago.

Others have picked up the banner to spread their expertise to others, and pay it forward to the next generation. 

Speakers like Angela Meharg, Fran Reed and Ernest Cook, who have joined Mario to become the new face of Custom Reporting, Power BI, Data Visualization.

And then of course we have still other members who have participated for years in Intuit Reseller programs, such as Haiden Turner of Winged Disc; or high profile practitioners who have both taught participated in conference activities such as Menachem Levy of Helix Reports or Fran Reed of FreedUpOptics.

We couldn't be prouder.

Scaling New Heights

The current (and only) leader in the Intuit conference space is called Scaling New Heights, and authored by Joe Woodard - a high profile QuickBooks educator and author of over two decades. 

Through years of hard work, Joe produces a product that is the definitive place to network, collaborate, and learn about all things QuickBooks - both desktop and online.  One of the results is adding to the trained expertise in the field. 

This year's conference is being held in Fort Worth, Texas from October 24-27, 2021

The 2021 Line Up

Here is a list of the Certified Solution Providers and the classes they are teaching at this year's Scaling New Heights Conference.

Robin Hall VARC Pathways to Sales Tax Solutions for Your Clients
Robin Hall VARC Sales Tax Tips for QuickBooks
Angela Meharg DATISFY The Truth About QuickBooks Desktop
Ernest Cook BETTER IDEA QuickBooks Desktop Reporting: Deep Dive into Using the Data You Work So Hard to Put into QuickBooks
Angela Meharg DATISFY Why Would Anyone Need a Custom Report?
Robin Hall VARC Top 10 QuickBooks Tricks and Workarounds
Mario Nowogrodzki MENDELSON Using the New QBO Fulfillment Worksheet in QBES Advanced Inventory
Joe Aliota MENDELSON Using the New QBO Fulfillment Worksheet in QBES Advanced Inventory
Mario Nowogrodzki MENDELSON Lead Town Hall on Inventory in QuickBooks
Joe Aliota MENDELSON Lead Town Hall on Inventory in QuickBooks
Ernest Cook BETTER IDEA Making a Great Dashboard with Power BI
Robin Hall VARC Strategies for the Intuit Centric Professional
Joe Aliota MENDELSON Managing Consignment Inventory: Addressing the Challenges

For more information on these Solution Providers please visit: Find a Certified QQube Solution Provider | CLEARIFY

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Thanks for the acknowledgment, Chuck. Your efforts have given us a platform on which to succeed. When I first attempted a custom report for QuickBooks (a split commission report for up to 5 commission recipients per line item!) I never imagined the community of respected colleagues and friends that would arise once I committed to offering One Thing. Nor did I imagine seeing Mario in a cowboy hat at a steakhouse like I did last night - so it was totally worth it!!!

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