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CLEARIFY New Makeover and Strategies for the Future

A Makeover for CLEARIFY and New Strategies for Delivery of Analytics

A Makeover for CLEARIFY and New Strategies for Delivery of Analytics

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New Corporate Structure

We have converted from a Limited Partnership to a sub-chapter S Corporation, to accommodate our current structure.

We are now known as CLEARIFY, INC or dba as CLEARIFY®


New Website

With the help of the folks at Axero Solutions, who created our current software platform, we have a new, modern look that combines our website sales presence, education, and community - in one single identity.

For several years, we have pursued this singular structure, and have finally brought it to fruition, with great excitement.  Consumers will have the ability to not only peruse the marketing blurbs and materials, but also find information on how our products work with everyday analytic tools like Excel, Crystal Reports, Power BI etc. - without having to go to separate websites or online entities.

You will notice, when surfing the internet, that web site design has drastically changed.  Big pictures, big fonts, and in some cases almost cartoonish layouts.  Much of this can be credited to Apple, but it has stuck - and personally, I like it.  It is also necessary for these websites to look good on any device, small or large.

This is not the web publishing of 15, 10, or even 5 years ago.  Ensuring that you can view or interact with your content on any device, requires the implementation of new sophisticated programming tools. 

Our goal is to make it a more pleasurable experience to both view and navigate our site to get the tools and information you need. 

More than marketing, education, and support - we endeavor to be the home for small business analytics.


The Four Pillars of Business Analytics

This is a new trademarked phrase that will become an significant educational component of our strategy regarding business analytics. 

This originated from an idea that founder Chuck Vigeant, M.Ed. had in August of 2013, and it has taken all of this time to refine both its description and viability. 

Putting things into buckets can be subjective - and sometimes not so clean.  Review our new solutions section to see if we succeeded or not.


New QQube Logo

Our advertising firm, Wing Creative, came up with a better design for our flagship QQube product, which is more suited for display on today's websites and devices.



New Strategies

We have identified new strategies and tactics that will keep us fresh, innovative, and relevant in a rapidly changing technological world that lives in the cloud.

Some of the key elements to keep an eye on:

  • Create a central hub for small business analytics
  • Better focus on solutions and structured key metrics
  • Enrich the tools for our Solution Provider Community
  • Mobile offerings and information on any device, anywhere

This is going to be a fun year.

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I like the new website design and flow. Easy to follow and read...As always, Qqube and QQube tools are the best.
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