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Chuck Vigeant M.Ed. business analytics presentation at The 2014 Sleeter Group Conference | CLEARIFY


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Fran Reed said:
Chuck, Great observations. Yes it was a great conference. And I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with you and wish we had more time.Yes, there were a lot of new faces in the reporting arena, many from "Down Under" and there were some familiar faces not seen for awhile and many missing. I find that most are still providing traditional reports but I saw a marked trend towards finally getting the picture that 'reporting' is just not enough, you need to interpret it. As far as operational depth and providing complex relationships for job costing and inventory analytics, QQube is still the only one out there. The clients for QQube tend to be the larger QB clients, generally in Enterprise and not in QBO - so the audience is not the mainstream focus of Intuit at the moment.
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