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QQube and QuickBooks 2022

QQube and QuickBooks 2022

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Things You Need to Know

This blog is to give you status on:

  • QuickBooks 2022 compatibility with QQube
  • QQube and Windows 11
  • QQube Version 10 for QuickBooks
  • QQube for QBO

QQube Compatibility with 64 Bit QuickBooks 2022

Intuit has announced its new 64 bit version of QuickBooks Desktop for 2022, and a subscription only model for Pro and Premier.

The first question on everyone's mind is "Will existing versions of QQube be compatible with the 64 bit version of QuickBooks 2022?" 

01/09/2022 NOTIFICATION  Intuit has let us know that the bug for Canadian Enterprise as listed in the 12/10/2021 NOTIFICATION is slated to be fixed in the mid February timeframe.  We will post an update when it has been officially released.

12/10/2021 NOTIFICATION  We have identified a bug in QuickBooks Enterprise CANADA ONLY.  It doesn't affect US versions, or Canadian Pro and Premier versions - just Canadian Enterprise.  The bug has been submitted, and we will post any updates as they become available.

11/23/2021 NOTIFICATION:  Intuit has now rolled out Release 3 which fixes two main issues: (a) communicating with QuickBooks on Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1; and (b) Time Tracking not extracted from Pro/Premiere. QuickBooks R3 and QQube 7.9.533 (Current Version) allows full interoperability.

11/19/2021 NOTIFICATION:  Intuit has now missed two "deadlines" on Release 3.  At this time, there is no word on a new release date.

11/17/2021 NOTIFICATION:  We have confirmed that time tracking data for Pro and Premier is not getting extracted.  This should be fixed in the R3 release due on 11/18/2021

11/15/2021 NOTIFICATION:  Intuit has publicly announced that R3 is now slated to be released on 11/18/2021 to fix the bugs noted in the 11/03/2021 notification.

11/06/2021 NOTIFICATION:  Intuit has announced (non-publicly) that R3 is slated to be released on 11/11/2021 to fix the bugs noted in the 11/03/2021 notification.  If you have an emergency situation (as we know many of you do), then do a manual update from within QuickBooks.

11/03/2021 NOTIFICATION:  There is an Intuit SDK bug that may prevent QuickBooks from communicating with a third party application like QQube on Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1.   Currently there is no work around.

11/02/2021 NOTIFICATION: We made public on Nov 2, new emergency build 533 to handle workarounds for the bugs identified in the 10/30/2021 update.

(UPDATED 10/30/2021) The answer is now NO. There is one bug related to templates, and four bugs related to discount account and discount class for Bill Payment Checks, and Bill Payment Credit Cards.

The second question is:  "Will the data extraction be any quicker now that QuickBooks will be 64 bit?"  The answer is no - with the current QQube versions.

There are two components to data extraction:

  1. A "request for data" from QuickBooks which is controlled by the Intuit 32 Bit SDK (Software Development Kit), and done in "chunks".  
  2. Moving the data chunks into the QQube database - which is a 32 bit QQube operation.

The Intuit SDK will still be 32 bit, even though QuickBooks will be 64 bit.  Intuit will have to port the SDK to 64 bit, but there are no official plans to do so at this time.

The good news is, our upcoming release of QQube Version 10 will have a 64 bit component that will allow us to retrieve bigger chunks and move it into our QQube database.  This will make things quicker, because we have to make fewer request to QuickBooks.


QQube and Windows 11

At this time we don't have a definitive update, other than QQube will need changes to work with Windows 11.

11/30/2021 NOTIFICATION:  QQube versions 6.x and later are fully compatible with Windows 11.

If you have not already researched the hardware requirements for Windows 11, we strongly suggest that you do.  You might be surprised to find out that even processors/motherboards purchased 3 or 4 years ago may NOT be compatible with it.

Internally we had to replace most of our infrastructure - even though we just updated several years ago.  It was quite a shock.

QQube Version 10

As noted in our previous blog "Coming Out of the Pandemic" this will be a huge release for us, with speed improvements, more choice and flexibility, EBITDA, and Power Pivot and Power BI analytics that will end up being the penultimate implementation of QuickBooks analytics in the modern age.

We are currently all hands on deck to get this version out, which should be in several weeks - if all goes well.  Look for much fanfare around this release, as we will unveil several concepts and components that have never been seen before. 

Great News Regarding QQube for QBO

Since our previous blog, we can announce that, after 8 months of negotiation and wrangling, Intuit finally implemented what we needed to be able to create a product for QBO comparable to our desktop offering.

Although the QBO API gave access to a variety of data - both raw, and in "report form", there was a huge problem.  Certain information was in one object, and the rest of it resided in another object - with no way to tie to the two objects together.  So for instance, we wouldn't have been able to give you the COGS of an inventory item, such that you also had all of the properties of that item and that particular transaction.

Our founder Chuck Vigeant, M.Ed. worked with Intuit's desktop engineering team over a decade ago on several projects, and believe it or not - it was the relationships with those engineers, that made this happen.

The solution is not optimal in any sense of the word, but at least it will work.

In fact, many of the Power Financials and Power BI analytics built in QQube 10, will be available in the same format in QQube for QBO, due to be released within a few months of the desktop version.

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