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QQube Version 10 Preview at Scaling New Heights | CLEARIFY

QQube Version 10 Preview at Scaling New Heights

QQube Version 10 Preview at Scaling New Heights

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Power BI for QuickBooks Users™

Version 10 is on the way, and will include a complete solution for creating reports, analytics, and visualizations - without the pain and expense of starting from scratch.

We position ourselves as "Self-Serve QuickBooks data analytics in the tool of your choice - without the time, costs, and headaches associated with the use and reverse engineering of raw connectors or vendor APIs".

We pack a one-two punch: 

  1. Create a data warehouse that you can use in your tool of choice, without being connected to QuickBooks
  2. Provide out-of-the box examples for the most popular applications such as Excel, Access, Crystal Reports, Tableau, Excel Power Pivot, and Power BI.

The data warehouse is mature with many things that QuickBooks doesn't have, but Version 10 will take the out-of-the box examples to another level, by providing complete Power Query models and examples for Power Pivot and Power BI.  Desktop and Online.  The demand for these improvements have steadily been increasing in the last 4 years - and will allow our customers to hit it running when creating new reports and visual analytics.

Ernest D. Cook of "Better Idea Group" Presents....

Ernest of "Better Idea Group" has become a nationally trusted expert and presenter on several topics - from custom report options for QuickBooks, to using Power BI, and Power Query for Excel.

He is also one of our tested and respected QQube Certified Solution Provider, and uses QQube - and other appropriate applications - to provide complete reporting and visualization solutions for his customers.  He even has a tool that sits on top of our data warehouse, to make the aggregation of multiple companies a little easier.

We have been very fortunate to have Ernest as a member of our family - he certainly has been one of the "go to guys" with regard to Power BI for us, and our other members.  He, of course, has some good natured competition with several other members - but collaboration and sharing for the common good has been everyone's goal.

This year he is giving several sessions at Scaling New Heights 2021, including one on using Power BI and one on PowerQuery for Excel.

Having seen the beta offerings of our new financial models for both Power Pivot and Power BI, Ernest approached us about showing them as examples in his classes - and pre-expose to the public what we are up to. He wants practitioners and users alike, to know that we came up with "A Better Idea".

What Can We Tell You About Version 10?

  • QQube is built by Pro Advisors, Accountants and Developers with decades of practical experience.
  • QQube is one of the best selling 3rd Party Desktop Applications of all time.
  • QQube is a true data warehouse, which is the most efficient data model structure for Power BI.
  • Over 4,750 fields including hundreds of measures - many are not available in QuickBooks.
  • Approximately 5,000 additional DAX measures for its Power BI and Power Pivot analytic portfolio.
  • DAX Engineering Assistance from Marco Russo - the co-author of the definitive guide "DAX Patterns"
  • 20 Complete Power Query Data Models which you can enhance or manipulate.
  • All Power BI enhancements are documented, and open.

Moving From Traditional Rows and Columns to Story Telling

The basic Financial Statements, e.g. Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, Trial Balance Activity, are still in the realm of Rows and Columns.   Accountants are trained to quickly glance at a Financial Document, and immediately recognize the health of an organization, or items that need more investigation.

For the average business owner - not so much.

Secondly, the strength in Power BI is not matrices of endless rows and columns - it is small snippets of data that tell a story.  Besides, try and read a 10 column Financial Statement on a cell phone.

This is what Ernest focuses on - the story telling for the average user.

You can create a traditional Multi-Column Financial Statement that brings memories of "green bar paper" from the past:


Or even a month by month comparison:


Ernest will showcase "a better idea" by teaching users how to do something that tells more of a story, and is easier to digest and manipulate:

Other Goodies:

Class participants will also preview some of our beta examples we have in our Profit and Loss Analytic, which contains over 235 DAX formulas, including "to date" measures, shortcut measures, comparison measures, and much, much more.

Here are some other examples:






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So far all I see is version 7, was version 10 ever released?

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We are very close to releasing. This was a massive undertaking, but will save customers thousands with regard to any Power BI (or other) development costs.

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