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QQube Version 10.0

QQube Version 10.0

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Extraction Control, EBITDA, Power BI on Steroids

It has taken us 18 months, but Version 10.0 has been released.

Why so long?  As we embarked into the details of our specific strategies, it became apparent that (a) we had to "fix" some things in our architecture, and (b) we had a much steeper curve of implementation than we ever expected. 

But we were determined to finish what we started. All we want, is to make it easier for users to get answers to their business questions without hiring a rocket scientist or spending frustrating weeks trying to reverse engineer a raw connector - which doesn't even have a direct connection to QuickBooks (everybody is bound by the Intuit SDK).

This blog gives you a heads up about the key features of this version, as well as some specific details so you can plan for an upgrade or get more information before a first time subscription purchase. You will also find links to Version 10 related documents which we have already posted.

Before we get to the feature sampling, we want to make it clear that there are minimal changes - if any - to any current implementations.  Upgrades should be mostly seamless.

Here are some highlights:

Product Features and Enhancements

You can control the range of data you pull in from QuickBooks.

  • Currently this is a global setting for all files if using a multi-company add-on.

More options for default "As Of" dates for A/R and A/P

You get to decide what date "Today" is, in QQube

This affects any dependent measure or DAX formula in a QQube data model.  For instance, if you define Today is 9/21/2022, but the actual date is 10/01/2022 then current month is based upon the 9/21/2022 date.


Based upon the following words within the Profit and Loss Expense and Other Expense section:

  • 'Interest'
  • 'Tax'
  • 'Deprec'
  • 'Amort' 

New Profit and Loss by Job

  • Available for QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop only, and primarily designed for Excel PowerPivot and Power BI.  Amounts are aggregated by day - so you can get true Month-to-Date or Year-To-Date type of columns. Refresh times are improved by 90% over the previous implementation of this data model.

New Financial Reporting Option

  • Available for QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop only, and primarily designed for Excel PowerPivot and Power BI.  Amounts are aggregated by day - so you can get true Month-to-Date or Year-To-Date type of columns.
    • Profit and Loss
    • Profit and Loss by Class
    • Balance Sheet

Job Costing

  • Vehicle Mileage has been completely rebuilt for much improved usability and relevance.
  • Billable Status fields for Vehicle Mileage, Time Tracking and Job Cost Details, have been expanded so you can get simple metrics such as % billed, % not billable, etc.

Optional Company Synch Toggle

  • You can determine which files you want to clear from scratch every time they are loaded via the scheduled synch.

Improved Calendar Functionality

  • Re-tooled calendar dimensions serve three purposes:
    • Presentation e.g.  Month Year [Jun 2021] or Quarter-Year [Q1 2021]
    • Efficient use in Power BI
    • Removal of antiquated fields that served minimal, if any, function
  • New combined Calendar and Fiscal Year Date Dimension for PowerPivot and Power BI

New Fields

  • Added over 100 new fields for better reporting and visualization
  • For a complete list of additions and changes: Modifications in Version 10


  • Simplified/shortened log for multiple company files - option to remove list and transaction load details.


  • Every data model example has been rebuilt from scratch.

Bug Fixes

  • Issues, typos, and Excel Add-In Missing Fields.

Power Extravaganza!

If you have wanted to use Power BI, but were intimidated by DAX formulas, or the prospect of spending thousands on development projects - then this is what you were waiting for.

Power BI

  • We added over 5,700 DAX formulas in the various out-of-the box data models we provide.  Yes, you read that correctly - 5,700+ formulas!
  • Examples, examples - these are our best yet, and should provide you the tool sets you need to get your questions quickly answered.
  • To see a list of what is included for Power BI: Power BI Data Model Architecture

Power Pivot

  • The same DAX formulas we created for Power BI are available in Power PIvot

Power Query

  • In Version 10, PowerPivot is now based upon Power Query
  • The same Power Query model is used for both Power Pivot and Power BI

New Developer Corner

Although QQube is designed to be used out-of-the box, there is much here for custom developers to chew on.  This version of QQube will certainly make it easy for end users, but it will also save dozens of man hours for Power BI projects.

Developers and DAX experts will be happy to know that world renowned DAX expert Marco Russo was the chief consulting architect behind our implementation.

This guide is the starting place: For Database Experts and Power BI Developers

And for the DAX professors: DAX Methodology

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