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QQube Version 10 and Power BI | CLEARIFY

QQube Version 10 and Power BI

QQube Version 10 and Power BI

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Version 10 is a Hit With Power BI Users

Almost half of our customer inquiries are related to integration with Power BI. and we employed several strategies in Version 10 to meet the simple and advanced needs of those customers.

Power BI is a powerful tool, and the future of where Microsoft wants to go with analytics and data modeling.  It combines the power of Excel, PowerPivot, and Visualization to give users a solid 1-2-3 punch.

But there is one catch - it isn't as easy to use as Microsoft would have you believe.

You need:

  • Properly structured data models
  • Calendars and date dimensions
  • DAX formulas to create measures and calculations - which is a language all its own
  • Knowledge of using proper visualizations for the right effect.

There are many developers out there  - including our own QQube Certified Solution Providers - who make a living out of Power BI projects.  Of course our Solution Providers have a big advantage in three areas:  They are QuickBooks Pro Advisors, proficient with Power BI, and use QQube to save the customer development time.

But what about the business user who doesn't have an enormous budget - or the time to create things on their own?

And what about developers who know Power BI but are not accountants or even know QuickBooks?

QQube Version 10 to the Rescue

We challenged our team to come up with a Power BI implementation that would allow the end-user to immediately visualize their QuickBooks information without the need to be a rocket scientist - while providing a well documented framework that developers could inculcate into their special projects.

Not always prudent to weld two different target audiences in a single-product, but we have succeeded.

Out-Of-The-Box For End Users

We created not only examples, but thousands of formulas so that a typical end user only needs to choose the proper visual to quickly get a handle on their QuickBooks information.  Here is an example using our Job Cost Details data model.

Included Job Cost Examples:

Included Job Cost Measures and Calculations:

Put it on Your Mobile Phone

Playground for Developers

Our data models are complete unto themselves and are the result of Accountant Knowledge, Intuit SDK prowess, and Power BI expertise.

Chuck Vigeant, M.Ed. has long been considered by those in the Intuit community as the most knowledgeable person with respect to QuickBooks data extraction, and is the only outside Accounting Technologist to be contracted outside of Intuit to work in their database.

Matt Froncek has now authored two of the most successful Intuit SDK tools in the history of QuickBooks 3rd Party Development.

Marco Russo is one of the world's leading authors and experts in Power BI and DAX language.

We have created and documented every detail in our methodology so that a developer could build on, and in some cases even improve upon, what we have included.

  1. QQube Data Warehouse Data Models
  2. Power Query Implementation
  3. Calendars and Date Dimensions
  4. DAX methodology for all measures

We have documented everything here so that they NEVER need to start from scratch: Advanced Users and Power BI Developers | CLEARIFY 

Saves you Time and Money

Trite as the title is, it is a huge truth in the end-user results.  Our previous versions took years to fine tune not only the nuances of QuickBooks - but to address the myriad of uses that customers come up with. 

Everybody uses QuickBooks differently, and everybody looks at their data differently. 

We met the decade-long challenge to create data models for thousands of case scenarios.  But in version 10 we made it easy for users to avail themselves of using Power BI, without it costing a fortune.

Learn More About QQube Version 10 and Power BI

Read more about Version 10 - including the non Power BI features we added - such as EBIDTA, simplified and expanded financial statement options, the ability to extract subsets of your QuickBooks data to improve the synch time;  and much, much more: QQube 10.0 (Build 567) | CLEARIFY 

Peruse the various data models and examples we have for Power BI: Power BI Examples and Architecture | CLEARIFY 

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