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Support Policy | CLEARIFY

Support Policy

CLEARIFY® Support Policy

Free Support

We provide comprehensive How-To Guides for QQube installation, setup, and troubleshooting, and for using QQube with a number of reporting and analytic applications.

We also furnish an instant messenger to communicate - in real time, on demand - with our staff to get quick answers to your questions. It requires registration using the login found on the main menu.

We do not provide on-demand phone support, as we have found that we can more efficiently serve more of our valued customers in a quicker period of time using our community support methods.

Discussion Forums vs Cases

Discussion Forums are public and Cases are private.  Posting to either medium requires that you register with our support community.

Paid Support

We solve over 99% of all issues using our free support offerings, but there are times where an issue requires escalation to an engineer for login and phone assistance.

The fee is $150.00 per incident and must be paid at the beginning of your call using MC, Visa or Discover.

There are two ways to secure a call back, paid support incident:

  1. Use the instant messenger
  2. Create a private case, providing several options for call back times

Registration Required

In order to post questions, create cases, and communicate in real time with our staff, it is necessary to register with our community to protect existing members from spam, or inappropriate communications.

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