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Support Policy | CLEARIFY

Support Policy

General Guidelines

We provide detailed How-To Guides to eliminate routine issues, which comprise 99% of all problems encountered by our QQube user community.

We also provide multiple communication options from our website, including real-time messaging with our engineers, to solve any non-routine issues.

As with all desktop software, complications and bugs can, and will occur. We always follow a standard troubleshooting process, including synchronization logs, and questions about installation and setup, to get at the root of the problem. 

We do not provide on-demand phone support, but can make available that option at $150.00 per incident during the communication between the user and our engineers, if it necessary.  But, it rarely is.

Software Bugs

If, after a standard and thorough investigation of any incident, we find a bug, we will fix it within a relatively quick time frame, with no charge to the user.

Note, that we don't acknowledge any bugs until all standard procedures have been followed and exercised to the satisfaction of our engineering team.

Refunds, as a result of any bugs, are addressed in our EULA at the time of installation.

Communications Require Login Registration

Posting forum questions, using the ticket system, and utilizing the engineer chat support all require logging into our website. This is necessary to ensure the privacy of our communications, and to safeguard the contents.

Login Registration

CLEARIFY® Support Policy