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Use Access to Query Bill Expense Detail (specifically amount and memo) | CLEARIFY

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Access Query for Bill Expense Detail (specifically amount and memo)

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  • Hello

    I am trying to create an access query that will allow me to display the Bill Expense Detail from Quickbooks  (please see attached Screen shot) - specifically the amount and memo.  We cannot use the memo field on the bill as this has secure account information.

    Can you please tell me the object I should be selecting to display this information in ACCESS?


  • Answered

    First use the built in Access examples to get started.  All of the linked tables/relationships are already created, and all you have to do is drag the field in you want into the query design.  There is only one way to connect them in true data warehouse fashion. 

    The Memo field on your example that says 'USE THIS FIELD" is the "PurchaseTxn Line Item Description" if you are using the Purchasing Analytic or "GLTxn Line Item Description" if you were using the General Ledger Detail Analytic.

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