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zero line items appearing in my QQube report | CLEARIFY

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zero line items appearing

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  • I am getting lines appearing with zero balances in my reports.

    There are no transactions posted to these accounts in QB for the specific period. 

    Is there a setting I am missing to shut that off?


  • I just figured out that I could get rid of those lines if I filtered the report by the period total (omitting zero). But I am only reporting on one period in this case. Not sure how that will work if I am reporting on multiple periods. It still seems like there should be a way of omiting those before they get on the pivot table... I look forward to your input!

  • Can you specify what subject you are using, what fields you are using, and what reporting tool you are using

  • I am running P&L by class in excel 2010. 

  • Answered

    There is actually a contiguous block of data that covers 36 periods, so if an account shows - even 0.00, then there is activity in one of the other 35 periods.  This is necessary, and by design.  The periods cannot be independent of each other, otherwise, you would be unable to compare one column against another using pivot tables - or lists for that matter.

    Another way of putting this: the number of rows might be different for one period vs another. 

    When you are grabbing 'live' data from any database, it is always one island/block of data, where we use the tools like Excel to do the dirty work.

    To filter on non-zero accounts do the following: https://clearify.com/wiki/view/3459/how-to-filter

    UPDATE:   QQube Excel Add-In now has the ability to filter out 0.00 rows in Version 7.1 Build 471


  • did the above solution solve the problem?  It seems to me the solution only filters for a single column. If so, if a row had a zero value in period 13, but had a value in another period, wouldn't the entire row be filtered out and thus data would be missing?


  • That is correct.  Excel is asking you to filter by a particular value in a particular column.  Excel Pivot Tables do not have the capability ot filtering 'in place' for a more sophisticated 'if' statement, unless you created a calculated field.

  • thanks for the reply

    is it possible to filter on the grand total column? Filtering out zero values on that column would work unless prior periods have positive and negative values netting to zero in total.

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