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Data does not appear and line numbers do not show | CLEARIFY

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Data does not appear and line numbers do not show

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  • When I updated my data with a new backup for my client, the data did not appear in the report.  Instead, I got a line 1, then the next line showing was 46,000 something.  I was using the Time Tracking Subject. 

    The previous data that I used I was showing unbilled time for each customer/job including the transaction date, item name, vendor name, time tracking notes, duration, revenue rate, and a calculated field for duration X revenue rate. 

    This was all great on the report with the first data which was for filtered for unbilled time from Aug 1 to present (which had the data for the 1st through 10th).  Today I synced the data which was through Aug 26th, and since they only bill once per month, of course it should have been the data from the 1st through the 26th of August, but the data did not appear.  The attachment below is for what I am seeing when the report comes up.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

    Debbie Evans

  • Answered

    One of your columns has a filter in it; you will have to re-apply that.  (you can tell by the little funnel on the drop down)

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