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Excel Add-in "view" issues/questions

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  • I will do my best to describe the issues I get with this.


    After creating a list in excel from QQube add-in, then saving and closing the spreadsheet and then reopening it, the QQube Add-in opens up in the "Select a Subject Area" screen when what I want is the screen where I can add/remove the different columns of data coming from the QQube database. (the screen called: "Check the items to add to your report:"

    It seems that sometimes I can click from one sheet to another then back to the qqube list and this solves the problem (almost like it refreshes the screen) but usually that doesn't work.

    I can;t seem to find any consistentcy to what causes or solves the issue. I hope this makes sense.

    If I try to get to the "Check the items to add to your report:" screen by clicking on the subject area it will over-write what I can previously created and saved.

    I was thinking I could save the template, but I get errors doing that.

    Let me know if I need to clarify (i mean't "CLEARIFY")  :)


  • Answered

    This is a known issue, and will be fixed in the next release, due in November.

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