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Inventory Document Current Posting State

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  • I am using a trial of QQube, just started yesterday.  I have a few areas I need help with which I'll post one at a time.

    I created an Inventory Pivot Table to generate what QuickBooks calls the Sales by Item Summary. 
    Report Filters are:
    Item Type (we have Inventory parts and also Assemblies)
    CalYr Txn Date Month Abbr (let's say I am using November)
    CalYr Txn Date Year Number (2012)
    Inventory Document Type (set to Invoice)

    Row Labels: Item Name
    Value: Inventory Line Inventory Quantity

    Q1) Is this the best way to get a Sales by Item Summary report? If no, what is the preferred method?  If yes...
    Q2) A common tactic around here is to create Invoices that are set to Pending / Non-posting.  This does not affect QuickBooks reporting but it does throw off QQube.  The QQube Advanced Schema Layout shows that the field Inventory Document Current Posting State is available for use, but it is not listed in the QQube add-in for Excel.  Without that field, how can I filter out all non-posting invoices?

    Thank you for your time!


  • Hi Daniel,

    Current Posting State is in the Inventory Subject...as Inventory Document Current Posting State... its near the top of the list.

    For Qty Sold this is a good subject to work with.  Make sure that your doc type also includes creditmemos.. Or filter "Inventory Document Type" for "History - Sales" as it includes both Invoces and Credit Memos.

    Hope that helps... Ok I need to get back to work.


  • Answered

    Hello, Fran.

    Thank you for the comment on adding credit memos.  I did originally start with "History - Sales" but changed to "Inventory Document Type - Invoices" while trying to pin down the problem I was having, which turned out to be the Posting Type.

    As I said in my post, I did identify that I needed Inventory Document Current Posting State.  Unfortunately, it *is not* in the list on my computer.  I have only (4) Inventory Document items: Category, PO Number, Reference Number and Type....

    I have found the trick to getting the rest of the items.  I had to click "Less Fields" and then click "More Fields" to get the entire list.  Crazy.  I think I am now on the right track!

    Thank you!


  • Great!

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