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Qqube Excel job cost reports don't tie | CLEARIFY

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Qqube Excel job cost reports don't tie

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  • I had an Excel job cost pivot table that was working perfectly until we completely redid the item list. We set up all new job budget items and then merged the old items with the new using QuickBooks merging. Now the numbers in Excel don't match QuickBooks and I haven't been able to find a common theme as to why. I have compared the Excel detail with the QuickBooks detail and Qqube is picking up some of the numbers but not reading others. In total the difference beween Excel and QuickBooks is about $600,000.

    I have run synchronizer and refreshed the spreadsheet but nothing changes. The synchronizer is running successfully each day at 11:00 PM.

    Any ideas as to what else I could check?

    Update: The pivot table shows zero actual amount for any line that has a budget amount. If there is no budget amount then the pivot table shows the actual cost. Any idea how to fix this?

  • Answered

    Any time you merge items, you have to completely reload the data.  There is no way around this.  The Intuit Software Development Kit would never be able to accommodate for something like this.

    Your last update comment, is by design.  A budget is one type of transaction (estimate, or budget by account), and actual cost are posting transactions, each line item creating a separate line.  The pivot table allows you to aggregate by a particular dimension, e.g. job, item, etc. so that it rolls up - and everything is summed up in one row.

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