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Sales by Country

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  • Hi;

    My QB company file goes back to ~1999.  I am trying to accomplish the following in Excel 2007:

    1.) Sales by country by year, only from 2009-2013, showing only nonzero sales values

    2.) Sales by customer by year, only  from 2009-2013, showing only nonzero sales values

    I seem tantalizingly close, but the date filter and nonzero filter seem to be roadblocks for me.  Any insight would be appreciated!


  • Answered

    This is easily accomplished using Pivot Tables.

    You should need only two fields for 1):   use the field 'ship or bill to country' from the sales detail folder and place in the row labels area, and use the sales line amount field in the values area.

    For number two, just remove the ship or bill to country field from the label area, and substitute the customer name field from the customer folder instead.

    Use the transacation date year number field for filtering.  Put that field in the column values area of the pivot table so that each year will show in a different column.

    that's it.   We have posted an example (for Version 5 of QQube).  Just filter the year for your needs.

    As an aside, you really should find a way condense/shrink your file.  That is dangerous having that much data in a QB file - from a probable corruption standpoint.

  • Thanks for your response!  I'm afraid I don't see the posted example in the Files section.  Can you educate me where to find it?  

  • Actually, your instructions were clear enough.  Thank you!  This help and report alone is enough to convince me to end my trial and purchase.  Great stuff.


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