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Project for QQube consultant

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  • I want to hire someone who can solve my pivot table problem. I am tired of messing with it.

    I want a job cost pivot table that separates the functional areas of the construction budget. The "headings" of the functional areas are hierarchy item level one. The details of the functional areas are hierarchy item level two. It would be nice if this pivot table would collapse as it does in QuickBooks.

    There is also a quirk that prevents QQube from pulling in the "headings" because they have no entries in them. I fixed this on one job by making dummy entries that zero out but this is very tedious and I don't really want to to do it for every single heading on every single job.

    I have attached files for examples and of course I will provide any and all information required.

    One file is the pivot table example. This is only one job. I can send the entire file with all of the jobs plus the summary of all jobs.

    One file contains a QuickBooks job cost report. It is formatted the way I want the pivot table to look.

    The third file is just a collapsed version of the same QuickBooks report.

    The pivot table has to be easily repeated because we are starting new homes every week.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Harold Nichols

  • Answered

    Someone will reach out to you offline.

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