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QQube Tab does not show up in excel.

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  • The QQube tab does not show up in excel 2013.

    Customer installed and registered QQube.

    We invoked the Powerpivot report from QQube

    And the sample data file is showing up, but there is noplace
    in excel to point the report to the right data file.

    We went into Add-ins in excel and do not see QQube listed there.

  • PowerPivot talks directly to the QQube database, whereas we use the Excel Add-In to act as the intermediary between Excel and the QQube database.

    They are two different technical implementations.  PowerPivot actually uses an instance of SQL server inside of Excel.  Regular Excel uses either MSQuery or PowerQuery to grab data from a database (as well as other direct connections).  QQube is a "front-end" for MSQuery.

    See more here: https://clearify.com/wiki/view/351/getting-started-with-powerpivot

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