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Filtering Dates and Companies before bringing to Excel | CLEARIFY

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Filtering Database for Dates and Companies before bringing to Excel

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  • My client has 44 companies and I want to reduce the companies returned in a particular worksheet as well as filter fo dates.  I was able to edit the  SQL from the GL Details file and added Date Parameters to it to reduce the amount of lines being returned.   I actually set up the query with my QQbue data and then sent the Excel sheet to my client and had my client run it against her's.  It worked great...   She then sent sheet back.

    With the returned  sheet, I editted the query once more to restrict the workbook to only four companies adding....

    "vf_GLDETAIL. linkforcompanyid. IN (4,41,42,43,44) to the end of the SQL.   (I wasn't sure if that is correct syntax but thats what I did.)

     I sent new file to client and they refreshed.  When I opened, none of my additional SQL code was there. 


     Why would it work once and not the second time? Is it just that I had bad code or what?  OR is because one edit was in MS query and other in Data Connection file? OR my template vs cleint? 


    Thanks a bunch  - Fran

  • Answered

    If you are using custom SQL then you need to copy the SQL that QQube uses in the out of the box connection, modify as you did, then create a new spreadsheet, but NOT using the QQube Excel-Add In.  You need to do a MSQuery connection, and copy the SQL there.

    Why this happens:  If you modify the SQL that QQube uses, it will get overwritten, because each change to the structure prompts QQube to re-formulate the SQL underneath the hood.  This is by design.

    If you were using PowerPivot, you could simply filter out the companies in the data-model.  Even Easier.

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