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lost add-in?

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  • i seem to have lost my excel add in. when I look in Options in Excel, it shows up on my list, but i don't see it when i create a new spreadsheet. any thoughts?

  • There are several reasons for this - usually another add-in is installed, and it disappears.

    If you go in to File>Options>Add-Ins  and choose 'COM Add-Ins' in thee the Manage Box list:

    Then make sure that QQube is checked.


    This may NOT always work however, as it won't stay checked as you click OK out the File>Options.

    In that case, you can just go to "C:Program Files (x86)\CLEARIFY\QQube Tool\QQube Add-In For Excel" directory and double click on the .vsto file (make sure that Excel is closed before you do this).

  • I performed the steps above and still do not have the add-ins.

    The message when clicking on the .vsto file was the add in was already installed.

    My office suite was recently updated.


  • Can you give us some more information please?  This post is from 2014, and may not be relevant to the current versions of QQube we have.  And if yours is already installed, then this maybe a totally different situation.

    Did you install office directly from a cloud executable?  or from a desktop executable?

    What version of Office?  What version of QQube?  Was the add-in ever there?  If it was, did it just disappear when you upgraded.

    Please tell us the steps - in order, and step by step - of what happened, beginning with what was installed first, what showed,, what didn't, etc. etc.

  • Thanks for chiming in.

    We had completely uninstalled and then installed the office applications. So, we will need to reinstall the add in.

    Not easily finding that in the support docs or install instructions. Got a link?



  • This guide has everything you need to know about this issue, and how to fix it: https://clearify.com/wiki/view/392/excel-add-in-not-present

  • Thank you. That has seemed to work.

    Got an error message upon opening my doc. See attached.

    I'll refresh data from scratch tonight, but have not had any recent errors on data refresh.



  • Answered

    You need to create a private ticket on this so that an engineer can work directly with you on this - and the easiest way is to submit the latest log: Synchronizer Logs in QQube | CLEARIFY 

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