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Link between two subjects

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  • The sales subject does not include the memo field that appears in the sales report. It looks like this memo is actually recorded in "GL Line Item Description". Any way to link both sujects so that the same list can show both sales and GL fields ?



  • Answered

    Each subject is totally independent - and you will never find it necessary to link two subjects together, unless you are trying to do something Quickbooks doesn't do underneath the hood.

    QuickBooks "memo" field in their reporting contains two things:  line item description for line detail, and memo field for the summary account.

    We also have both of those fields in both the Sales Subject and the G/L Subject, except that we properly name them - instead of putting both fields in one.

    You will see a Document Memo field, and a Line Description field.  The document memo field will be repeated for each line, and the line description is unique to each line e.g. line account memo field, or item description field.

    Here is more information on selecting data models: Data Model Selections

    This guide is the starting place for the complete list of analytics and their fields: QuickBooks Desktop Data Schemas


  • Thank you. I found the information.


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