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Is the historical item sales price available in QQube? | CLEARIFY

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Is the historical item sales price available in QQube?

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  • Hi,

    When creating a List/table with QQube, I can easily find at what price an item was sold and the current "normal price" picked in the item database. Only, that price is the current one. Is the "historical" normal price at the time of the invoice creation somewhere in any database ?



  • Answered

    Intuit doesn't store historical states of data in its database.

  • Thank you. Is there another way to determine the discounts then ?


  • Answered

    QuickBooks usese pricing evels to accommodate that, but there is a potential issue there as well.  There is no referential integrity, because the amount can be changed at the time the invoice is created.  So using that in reporting could be 'iffy'.

    Discounts can be determined using the discount item in QB, or using groups, where one of the detailed items is a discount item (and you don't print all of the group details, which is an option in QB).

    In general, the better a structure you create for entering data in QB, the better the report outcomes.

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