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Date Range for Report

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  • I am trying to have a filter that will allow a date range so that we can select the beginning day and the ending day.  days would cross over months example 06/15/2018 to 07/10/2018.

    I have found beginning and ending months, but you have too manually select each month you want to show in the report, will be too confusing for team to use.  And it does not allow for partial months.


  • Answered

    Not sure what analytic you are referring to, but here is the rule of thumb regarding dates and QQube analytics.

    Fixed monthly periods are used in the following analytics (These would not have any ability to show/filter/aggregate by the day):

    • Profit and Loss Standard (and by Class)
    • Balance Sheet Standard (and by Class)
    • Trial Balance Activity (and by Class)
    • Statement of Cash Flows (and by Class)
    • Profit and Loss-Act/Budg/Forecast (and by Class)
    • Profit and Loss 52/53 Tax Year (and by Class)

    If you are using a detail subject like general ledger detail, Profit and loss detail, sales, purchases, etc. then you would use the natural function of Excel to filter out information:  Filtering Pivot Table Data in Excel

    The only financial analytics that are aggregated by the day are Profit and Loss Flexible Period  (QB Enterprise Only) Profit and Loss (Flexible Period)

    Ditto for Profit and Loss - Freestyle by Class (QB Enterprise Only) Profit and Loss by Class (Flexible Period)

  • Answered

    Hi Ron,  You will need to choose one of the detail subjects as QQube is suggesting -so you can run a report by date.  If in Excel you can use  "slicers" on your pivots to choose a start and ending date.  Feel free to contact me if you want some help. 

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