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QQube Add-In refresh options

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  • No matter which 'Worksheet Refresh Options' option I check, when I re-open the file none of the checkboxes display as selected; is this the way it is supposed to work and I should just remember which box was checked? What if someone opens a spreadsheet and changes the selection?

  • I want to make sure I understand your question:

    Are you saying that you check/unchecked the refresh options, saved the spreadsheet, and then opened again - and they were different?

  • The selected option is not changing from one option to another. No matter what I do, when I re-open any spreadsheet, all three options are empty\unchecked.

  • Answered

    That appears to be a bug.   We are getting ready to release a new version on Oct 1.  That can be easily fixed for that version.

    Not blaming Microsoft on this one.  The Ribbons in Excel don't give developers the option to use radio buttons - so we have to use check boxes to replicate that; not intuitive, and in this case, doesn't show you what was checked after you checked it.

    It appears that the new choice actually works - it just doesn't show.  I was able to change to Auto refresh, and when I opened up the spreadsheet, it did just that.

    Thank you for helping us to get better.

  • I 'thought' I had set the 4 templates I am using so far to the auto-refresh option, and since the box does visibly 'check' when selected, I did not notice that the boxes change to blank next time you open spreadsheet.

    I will look forward to the update.


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