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Excel Assistant Font is Illegible

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  • The font in the Excel Select Assistant section is all squished together.  Tried changing screen resolution, but that did not help.  Font in all other sections is normal and readable.  See area in red box in screenshot.

    Excel Assistant Font Unreadable

  • To our knowledge this only occurs when the font is set to a percentage of 100% e.g. 125% or 150%.  Can you confirm this please?

  • Answered

    This seems to be the issue.  I have a 4K 17" laptop display.  Windows Display settings recommend my scaling be set to 250% to keep the overall font from being too small.  I went ahead and changed the scale to 100% and then re-opened Excel (it did not immediately update Excel unless I re-opened it).  Upon re-opening Excel, the font in the Select Assistant section was matching the font of the other sections (although all the font was too small).

    Select Assistant 100% Scaling

    I then went back to Display Settings (while leaving Excel open) and then changed the scaling back to 250% and it was able to adjust Excel to a larger font without the Select Assistant font getting all squished again.

    Select Assistant Scaling 250%

    If I close Excel and re-open it, I have to go through these steps again as the font for the Select Assistant section gets squished again.

    At least I have this work around for now that allows me to work fine while I keep Excel open.




  • Sorry for the inconvenience.   We are looking into seeing what can be done to eliminate this issue, and thank you for your patience.

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