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file path for examples

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  • Is there a way to change the location of the example files?  I am using QQube on a hosted installation of QuickBooks and do not have access to the C drive.


    Stephanie Powers

  • Answered

    During the installation you can choose which directory to install the QQube database, and we install everything accordingly.

    Some hosting companies manually move things around after the installation, not realizing or understanding that the necessary registry entries to tell QQube where things are, are one and the same for both the database path and examples path.

    So, you can tell your hosting company that the example files have to be in the SAME directory where the QQube database is located:

    So for instance, your hosting company may have the QQube database installed in F:\SharedFolder\CLEARIFY\QQubeTool.   They just need to move those example folders to the same directory as shown above.


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